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For many months, Destiny players have expressed their feelings about Destiny. Some good, many bad. This article is one of the bad ones. During the Sony press conference at E3, Bungie reveled a good amount of information about the next installment of the Destiny franchise known as 'Destiny: The Taken King.'

At first, this looks like Bungie is doing everything right. Until you see what certain people will get upon pre-ordering. Veterans of Destiny, those who have both 'The Dark Below' and 'House of Wolves' DLC, will be able to pre-order the digital download of 'The Taken King' and will only recieve an armor shader, a sparrow, and a Year 1 emblem. All for $39.99

For those who don't own the game nor the DLCs, they will be able purchase the collectors edition which includes Destiny, both DLCs, and 'The Taken King.' In addition to that, it will also include three class specific emotes, three armor shaders, and three exotic class items with XP bonuses. All for $79.99.

With this information, it is estimated that veteran players would have paid about $140 for the game, both DLCs, and 'The Taken King.' While new players will only pay about $80 which is a little over half of what veteran players paid.

This controversy has gained so much attention that a petition at has been created and as of June 22nd, 2015 at 9: pm CST, has a little over 20,000 supporters and it's increasing by the minute.

As a veteran play, I am truly pissed off at Bungie for making this decision. They are showing that they care more about the new players more than the ones that have the game and the DLCs. The ones that created thousands of youtube videos, reviews that were good and bad, and have created a community in numerous social media sites. Bungie needs to change this fast before it comes back to bite them in the ass.


Should Bungie give veteran players the same perks as the new players?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!!!


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