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Sci-fi lovers from all over are going to have their fill when they get a chance to check out Sons of God web series, which is slated to premier this fall. I had the pleasure of interviewing Ariel de Ment who is playing the leading female role of Pandora. Check it out:

How did you get started acting?

I have been a performer since I can remember. I was 9 months old. I was a carry on in the production of the nutcracker. I have an artistic family. We were all ballet dancers. I danced professionally for six years and then transitioned to stage and singing and eventually found my way to film work.

So you were a born natural?

In a sense I guess. Maybe not a born natural but born into this lifestyle.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on the PA Renaissance Fair. I'm a fighter and performer. I will be doing that through the summer. I am also in pre-production for an action film called the coming of Amber Dawn. It's the first female underground fight film. I'm starring in the title role of Amber. I'll be filming that through the fall. Right now I'm working Sons of God, a sci fi web series created by Leonardo Sanderson.

Who is your character in Sons Of God?

Pandora is a Greek god. She is actually an added mythological God. In actual Greek mythology Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, are the main gods of focus but in our series, we have added Pandora to make four main gods.

How would you describe Pandora?

She is a little childish and abrupt. She has a temper. She can be sweetheart and the next moment turn into a devil. she is fun to play. she has a range of emotions within the course of five minutes.

Does she mirror your personality at all?

I think that in her faithfulness there are similarities. Whenever I create a character I take my own personality and change it to the extreme but I wouldn't say I was like her. However, we do share passion and its hard to change her mind. Mostly everything else... I would say no. I'm very mellow. (laughter).

Is there anything fans should look forward to in the series?

I think what you can see is how often she changes, and why.She is very much her own entity and its very lively on camera. Her hair is going to be pretty wild.

To suit her personality?

Yes! When you first meet her you may not think she is strong, but as you see her power people are going to say "whoa, I didn't expect that happen." She is an uncovered gem. You won't expect what she does.

When does Sons of God premier?

September 13th at 7pm on

What do you thiink is going to draw fans to Sons of God?

The diversity of the different styles of fighting, the characters, and the fact that we are mixing a lot of mythologies together. We have vampires and werewolves. Its going to be a huge draw. You will see who these characters are, and learn why they are. The cast is a very talented group of people and I feel we will do extreme justice to the script.

Any last words?

This has been a great experience and I look forward to seeing the end result.

If someone wants to work with you, where can they find you?

Find me on Facebook, Ariel de Ment NYC . I also have a website


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