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German based illustrator Julie Jah got an enviable assignment for an artist and cineaste. She was commissioned to do the drawings for some movie inspired Cocktails/drinks for the Berlin Grand Hotel. The only requirement was that the movie have a hotel involved in the plot or be shot mostly in one.

The 21 illustrations Jah came up with play like a magnificent game of Casino 21 where you always have the winning hand. What makes up the inner workings of the drinks I leave to your imagination. Leave your imagined cocktail/drink recipes in the comments section if you are inclined.

The Grand is a welcome friend that has been part of the Berlin cityscape in various incarnations since 1812. It was formerly a school. After a 25 year vacancy The Grand reopened in 2012 as a boutique hotel that features a spacious bar and a sumptuous dining room.

You can find more of Julie Jah's work at her Facebook page.

Léon the Professional / Cocktail name: Mathilda

Unknown Identity / Cocktail name: Unknown Identity

Pretty Woman / Cocktail name: Vivian Ward

Hangover 2 / Cocktail name: Crystal

Beverly Hills Cop / Cocktail name: Rosewood Negroni

Lost in Translation / Cocktail name: Bob & Charlotte

Casino Royale / Cocktail name: The Pupp

The Grand Budapest Hotel / Cocktail name: Zéro Mustafa

Crocodile Hunter / Cocktail name: The kissing Crocodile

In Bruges / Cocktail name: Harry Waters' drink

Ocean’s Eleven / Cocktail name: Danny Ocean Swizzle

Shining / Cocktail name: The Overlook Hurricane

The Bellboy / Cocktail name: The Bellboy

Four Rooms / Cocktail name: Four Rooms

The Bourne Identity / Cocktail name: Jason Bourne

Vertigo / Cocktail name: Vertigo

The Night Porter/ Cocktail name: The Night Porter

Pretty Woman / Cocktail name: Vivian Ward

Trainspotting / Cocktail name: The Train Mail

Some like it hot / Cocktail name: The Coronado Margarita

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou / Cocktail name: Little Ping

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