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Kail Xavier Habib

I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick and tired of seeing Peter Parker's origin story. It's been done so many times that my little nephew, who's never actually watched any of the Spider-Man movies, has a pretty good idea of how he became Spidey!
It's time for a change. Let's use the fact that everyone already knows Peter's origin story. He's Spider-Man and has been so for awhile. But he's ready to hang up the threads and web shooter.
In comes Miles. Focusing on a different origin story and then having Peter mentor Miles would be a good way to bring in a classic character that people still love while introducing a new Spider-Man. I think it'd ease the transition for fans that have only watched the movies.
Also, I think Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man had a good idea when they used parkour in trailer but for some reason didn't use it in the movie...Spidey should be able to do Assassin's Creed.
It'd be a great and a smart way for him to get around between web shooting. I always thought this and loved this idea that I even used to call the original Spidey "Peter Parkour".
This is just me thinking out loud. Personally, I hope to see Miles in the MCU (Marvel's Cinematic Universe) next to Robert Downy "Stark" JR.
And I'd love to see an older Peter helping Stark develop new gear for Miles since Peter's also a science wiz. Maybe even see the development of the Iron Spider suit in time for the Civil War. Just because Pete's not fighting crime any more doesn't mean he can't be a strong supporting character.
Maybe even put Pete and Miles on different sides during the Civil War?
Either way, the writers of the MCU have done a great job so far and I'm sure they'll continue to make smart moves and do the characters right. Although I will say that I was none too happy about the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3...


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