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Actors are always the star of their movies but sometimes a place or a habitation can take on such a strong presence that they almost become a supporting character.

Haunted Houses like the Amityville abode are obvious examples. San Francisco haunts and informs Vertigo's every frame. Hogwarts lives and breathes so much magic that its walls and paintings talk, making it seem that it is the real source of all that magic.

Austin based illustrator Tim Doyle has spent the last four years visualizing this "Unreal Estate." The first three were devoted to famous TV houses and places. This year, Doyle has decided to give the movies a try.

Doyle has created 10 paintings (along with two or three variations) that echo these imagined film locations of the mind.

The Top 10: the Shire from The Lord of the Rings movies, the Ghostbusters firehouse, the Star Wars rebel bases, Jack Rabbit Slims from Pulp Fiction, the majestic palace on the sea from Miyazaki's Spirited Away, Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films, Lou's Bar and Tavern from Fight Club, the rain drenched and teched-up Los Angeles streets of Blade Runner, the Royal Tenenbaums' mansion and Pizza Planet from Toy Story.

The Exhibit occupies all of the Spoke Art Gallery (816 Sutter St.) in San Francisco from July 2nd-July 25th. The hours are 6pm-10 pm.

Let me know your favorites in the comments.

1. Blade Runner

3. Fight Club

4. Ghostbusters

5. Harry Potter Movies

6. Spirited Away

7. Pulp Fiction

8. Star Wars

9. The Lord of the Rings

10. The Royal Tenenbaums

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