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Let me just start off by saying that this Episode/Movie was much better than what we have been previously given, but that's not really saying much. Besides its most likely the result of having a longer run time and therefore being able to extend the action and having more time to tell the story which is why this Episode didn't feel so rushed.

So anyways my first annoyance with this Movie is how it starts, once again we are thrown into the middle of a conflict with no idea whats going on. Then we learn that the Rebels have joined up with the "Larger Rebellion" that has a squadron of A-Wings...we also don't get to see how the Rebels joined up with them.

They escape from that conflict, which i honestly did not really care about at all because i never got to see the beginning of it, they then find out that the Minister of Lothal wants to defect so they rush off to Lothal to help her out. But get this they don't use their ship The Ghost because it might be recognized as if the Empire has recognized it thus far, i mean really how many of this type of ship are running around the Lothal system anyway? They arrive on the planet only to find that the Empire has tightened its grip on the planet. You know its like when Vader showed up things started to get worse its like Vader is the only person who is authorized to do whatever it takes to capture or destroy Rebel Insurgents, kinda BS IMO. The Rebels hurry off to the meeting point to get the Minister but "its a trap!" and their transport is destroyed and the Minister is killed. So now they are stranded on Lothal, so they steal an Imperial Transport which is when they meet Darth Vader for the first time. Now lets be honest here for a second Darth Vader could have easily dispatched these people in under a minute if he really wanted to. During the battle Kanan and Ezra use the force to push over an AT-DP (or whatever they are called) onto Vader but he survives and lifts the walker off himself with the force, now at this point i am wondering why he didn't just toss the damn thing at the Transport the Rebels were trying to steal in order to stop them from escaping so he could end them all right then and there. Sabine gets the bright idea to shoot at Vader in order to give Kanan and Ezra time to run away from Vader so they could escape in the shuttle, but Vader deflects her blaster bolts back into her Chest and Face. Now here comes the real kicker She is totally fine even though she has used those same blasters to shoot and kill Stormtroopers, and people try to explain it away with things like Mandalorian Iron/Beskar but the only problem with those explanations is that the Armor type is NON-CANON and therefore DOES NOT as far as we know Sabines armor is just regular armor shit could even be Plastoid or whatever it is Stormtrooper armor is made out of (cant remember right now and to lazy to look it up)

Sabin blasted in the head!
Sabin blasted in the head!

So after that little bit of BS and the Rebels are able to escape Vader and they contact Lando in order to get off Planet, they devise a plan to distract the Imperials long enough for them to escape the planet. So while they are prepping the shuttle Ezra sees smoke in the distance and he runs off to find out where its coming from and Kanan chases after him. Ezra arrives to find the little slum town called Tarkin Town burned to the ground, Kanan arrives and Ezra says "why would they do this the people were innocent". I'am just sitting here like what a stupid way to show the Empire is Evil its like "Oh no the Empire is so Evil that they just burned down a tiny insignificant town that we only saw like twice!"

So the Rebels are able to escape from Lothal, BUT OH NOOOS the Empire pulled an Episode 4 and had a tracker on the transport they stole and the Empire tracked them back to the "Larger Rebellions" little fleet of Blockade Runners. Vader shows up in his Tie Advanced and decimates the fleet, oh and also he can fly his Tie Advanced backwards...And instead of killing the people he was sent to kill (because for some reason he cant sense the presence of Three Force Users) he focused on a bunch of no name characters that i did not care about at all because i didn't know who they were so therefore i do not care about them or their fate. Kanan and Ahsoka do some sort of Force thing to discover who the pilot of the Tie Advanced is and by doing so Vader realizes that Ahsoka is alive and she realizes who Vader is (Everybody except me had a massive NERDGASM about the potential for an Ahsoka/Vader Battle) so now Vader focuses his attention on The Ghost. By this time Three Star Destroyers come out of Hyperspace but instead of engaging the tiny Rebel Fleet they just sit around doing nothing. They could have dealt a serious blow to the Rebellion right then and there but no the Rebels escape because apparently everyone is an idiot except Vader...

In short...

All in all this episode was not as bad as i was expecting it to be but its because the episode had a longer run time which allowed for the story and action enough time to play out without rushing it like how the regular 20 minute episodes are. Right off the bat we are dumped into the middle of a conflict that we did not see the beginning of which is annoying. Next the Rebels decide to not use there ship The Ghost because it might be recognized, like the Empire has been able to recognize it thus far? Then Darth Vader doesn't immediately kill these fools even though he could have done it like ten different ways. Then Sabine gets her own Blaster fire deflected back into her face and chest and she is fine. Then we find out just how Evil the Empire is because they burned down a tiny and insignificant slum town that we only ever saw like twice in the entire first season. Then Darth Vader cant seem to sense the presence of Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka so he focuses on killing no-name characters that i don't care about. Then no less than three Star Destroyers come out of Hyperspace and don't immediately destroy the Rebel fleet which allows them to escape.

Id give this episode a solid Half Star...

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