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Stephen Garland

A child growing up in an orphanage in downtown of Gotham he was a gambler at the age of 6 and got in trouble all the time in the orphanage so they decide to send him into foster care. For a year things were going great because the mother loved him but then she gets a boyfriend that is a drunk so he is a little bit more drunk than normal so he gets abusive the kid tries to be a hero and tell him not to beat his mother the man says "don't ...a HERO!!!" And starts beating him the boy reaches to the left and grabs an emty beer bottle and smashes it against his head killing the man. The kid goes to court but doesn't go to jail on a count of self-defense years later he tries a job as a comic and gets booed off the stage and he snapped and instantly turned to crime but was set up by a snitch 2 years later but snitches his own way out. A few years later he's a hobo on the street that gambled the little amount of money he had left and gets kidnapped for all the money he owed to the owner of a night club and is forced to rob Ace chemicals while he is masked with a red helmet when batman comes in to stop them. He tries to escape but batman instinctively grabbed him and threw him back not paying any attention where he would land, he landed in a chemical that should have killed him but instead it disfigured his face and body to where he has almost no body fat, taller, and his chin and nose had gotten bigger and longer he blacks out he wakes up to a puddle of water next to him looks into it and says "Let's put a smile on that face


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