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Iron Man, and Robert Downey Jr. especially, seemed to stand above everything in recent years. Being one of the most admired and celebrated movie characters and actors on the planet. I thought the first Iron Man film was amazing and a lot of fun to watch and just wondered what Robert Downey Jr. must be like in real life. If he came close at all to the great character he was portraying.

One day a few weeks ago it happened that I ran into him at an Awards show where he was walking around. I kindly asked him if I could get a picture with him. He turned me down in confident Tony Stark manner: “I have to go present” and wandered off. I had to laugh at the moment, as he was just like in the movie. It was a true Tony Stark moment but in real life. But that was also the moment it dawned on me that Iron Man and Robert D were maybe so high up at this point, they no longer had to care about the common man.

That is when the idea of the “Iron Man Grounded” parody was born. What if Iron Man had to struggle like the rest of us? Wait in line for tickets, take the bus, fly economy class? That’s when I started to explore these ideas and decided to make them reality. Just for fun and for the world to see. Here is the result. Funnily enough, a few days ago Robert Downey Jr. walked out of the now infamous interview, which seemed to be a perfect fit as well. I have no hard feelings against it all and think it’s all good fun. Here you can see the result of the "Iron Man Grounded" Project:

Wrecked a Car

Selfie Time

Planning an Escape from Work

Taking the Metro

Ugh, Economy

Visiting the Natural History Museum


At the Beach

Gotta Take This

Behind the Scenes:

See the complete project here.

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