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Terminator Genisys is coming out soon, we should celebrate this event by learning some facts

1. O.J Simpson was the first choice to play the terminator.

2. James Cameron made the storyboards for The Terminator himself.

3. "I'll be back" was originally supposed to be "I’ll come back" but they changed it on set.

4. Edward Furlong who played John Connor had to get his voice re-dubbed because his voice broke during filming.

5. Nobody trusted James Cameron to direct The Terminator.

6. Reese almost had a cyborg dog in The Terminator.

7. There was a deleted scene in Terminator 2 where John Connor teaches the Terminator how to smile

8. James Cameron wanted Billy Idol to play the T1000

9. Lynda Hamilton's son plays baby John Connor in a few scenes.

10. James Cameron has scene Terminator Genisys and he gives it his seal of approval.

I got these facts from the following links:

-Moses Ochs


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