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I'm going to assume that most of you guys who are reading this article have never heard of Florida Supercon. Well let me help you out there. Florida Supercon is South Florida's largest and geekiest convention located in the heart of Miami Beach. It's relatively new but it continues to grow each year.

For the past four years I have gone to Supercon and have had an amazing time. Meeting passionate fans of their geekdom is always a blast and seeing celebrity guests is definitely a plus. Some people may think that since this is a relatively new convention, that they don't get many big guests to appear. Well if you think that, you are wrong. This year tons of celebrities will be coming from movies, TV shows, comics, and even cosplay stars. Don't believe me? Check out some of the guests.

For all you Marvel movie fans out there, here are some of the guests that will be appearing:

You're into DC? No problem!

Are there any Star Wars fans? I know I am!

Let's not forget to bring Jay and Silent Bob into the mix!

That's only a few of many! For the full list of movie and TV guests just click here!

Of course we couldn't imagine seeing our favorite superheroes without the wonderful talent of the people who write and illustrate the comics. Here are but a few comic legends who will be attending.

Like I said before, that's only a few of many! To see the full list of guests click here!

Now that I've given you all that, I might as well give you the direct link to the website, just click here!

I bet most of you guys think that this convention seems awesome now, right? Which it is! I have been going for four straight years and its numbers continue to grow. I hope to see more people, not just from the state of Florida, but from everywhere else around the country and globe. I want to make this convention one of the best!

If you are in Miami make a visit for a day! If you find yourself vacationing in Miami around June 25-28, please make a visit and see how awesome it is! If you are from northern Florida, try and make the drive down south, you won't regret it! And if you are in a different state or different country, but can't make it this year, plan it for next year because it will definitely be bigger and better! Plus, it's Miami! There's always something to do down here!

Thanks to the Moviepilot staff I will be able to attend with a press pass, covering all the awesome details going on in the convention for you guys on Moviepilot. I will be writing articles about my experience each day. Hopefully it will compel more people to come!

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