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Another movie legend has died this year.

James Horner (August 14, 1953 – June 22, 2015) was an American composer and conductor. He wrote for over a hundred films, won two Academy awards, two Golden Globe Awards, three Satellite Awards, three Saturn Awards, and was nominated for three British Academy Film Awards. His most popular score was Titanic, the best selling orchestral film soundtrack.

James Horner owned several planes, one of which crashed in Central California 60 miles north of Santa Barbara on Monday (June 22, 2015). The pilot was killed upon impact. It wasn't immediately known if the pilot was Horner, but one of the family's lawyers stated that,

"if he wasn't in it, he would have called."

Later, Horner's assistant, Sylvia Patrycija, confirmed his death.

The circumstances of the crash are not yet known, and when his family was contacted in their Calabasas home, they asked for privacy.

It's a tragic ending to an awesome life. James Horner is one of the most well recognized and talented composers of all time.

Here are some of my favorites of his.

You can see James Horner's IMDB for a list of his works here.

The Mask of Zorro: Orchestrator

Troy: Conductor/Orchestrator

A Beautiful Mind: Conductor/Orchestrator

Titanic: Conductor, Music Producer, Musician (instrumental solo), Orchestrator

Balto: Conductor

Braveheart: Conductor, Instrumental Soloist, Orchestrator


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