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Every time I watch the walkers tear things up on The Walking Dead my heart is racing with terror, and I ask myself "How would I survive this?" Now, Mega-fans can find this out for real, thanks to virtual reality headsets. If you dare to put the headset on, you can submerge yourself in the world of zombies to see how long you would survive. Find out if you are a sharpshooter like Rick and if you are not, then be careful not to become lunch for the walkers!

At this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo there were many headsets showcased. At the event, Starbreeze Studios proudly presented their headset 'StarVR'. Those who were brave enough could take on the zombies in the new Overkill The Walking Dead game using Virtual Reality.

Here is a peek at the graphics and scenes to expect within the game:

Take a look at the beautifully designed StarVR headset:


What is so great about StarVR? In an interview with's Zulai Serrano, Listo of Brand Director of Starbreeze Studios said:

“The big points that for anyone that hasn’t tried VR before, is that many other headsets only have 100-degree vision so it’s very slim. But [Star VR] opens up 210 degrees so that you’ll have the peripheral vision. You see much more - about 75 percent of the human vision. That gives you total immersion.”

Time to fight some hungry eyed zombies...

Those who dared to take on the challenge, were put in a stationary chair armed with a shotgun and a StarVR headset on their head, ready for the first-hand zombie apocalypse.

Tyler Sparks, producer at Starbreeze (the makers behind Overkill) spoke about what to expect:

"People say ‘immersive' all the time, but they don’t really understand what it means. This is immersive. When you’re in there, the things you hear and see it’s almost indistinguishable from reality, which is a little intimidating."

The Walking Dead video game was exceptionally terrifying for one player. With the character's wheelchair being stationary it meant that the person playing the game also remained still when turning during playing, resulting in motion sickness.

Those who took on the game were grateful to be armed with a shotgun. This weapon acted as a firm grip on reality within the bizarre scenario that they had willingly thrown themselves into.

It seems like those who worked at the event were real life pranksters too, here is what happened to Sean from Gizmondo:

"At one point they decided to “push” my real-life wheelchair a bit to mimic being pushed in the game, and at another they had an employee grab my leg at roughly the same moment a zombie does in the experience."

The experience was terrifying for this gamer, zombies aside:

"It wasn’t that the zombies were too realistic. I wasn’t afraid for my life or anything silly like that. No, when I tried The Walking Dead in VR, what I chiefly saw was this: the disturbing possibility that virtual reality might get written off as a fad."

Check out the trailer for Overkill's The Walking Dead, virtual reality game:

I am not sure if I would be brave enough to take on this game, I would probably close my eyes to shut out any future nightmares and then it would be Game Over for me. Would you fare better?

Editors Note: Zulai Serrano's E3 interview with Amir Listo of Starbreeze Studios was previously quoted without citation. This has since been amended. We'd like to apologize for the error and urge you all to read the full interview here.


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