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Radhika Nair
Come Sunday and a sassy 80's movie will settle all the good vibes in. Look out for all these classic 1980's pieces and align them to see already!

The Breakfast Club

Expect fireworks when teens from all kind of cliques get stuck together for detention. The movie strikes a cord with all teens trying to fit in. And you'll surely be drooling over Judd Nelson once the credits roll over!

Risky Business

Tom Cruise break out role through Hollywood will always be a mass entertainment for the audience even today. The rock karaoke moves in his underpants, home alone shenanigans n' the Ray Ban hot looks is adorable and hilarious!

When Harry met Sally

The movie explores the idea that men and women can never be just friends. The beautiful Meg Ryan with the smart twisting plot is definitely a treat to watch!

Dead Poets Society.

One of Robin Williams great performances as he being a professor thriving to inspire students with the art of poetry. The flamboyant cast with an extraordinary message is a must watch!


The academy award winning movie based on the noble life chronicles of Gandhi is an edge of seat biography drama to applaud. Ben Kingsley brings Gandhi to life and the entire film is charmingly reminiscing!

Nightmare on Elm Street

A man seen in one's dream will visit to kill you in real life for sure! This horror flick with the spot on characters and clever scenes of death is sure to leave you bewildered in your bed time! Plus the handsome young johnny depp is too good to miss!

Sixteen candles

Imagine the embarrassment when everyone forgets your sixteenth birthday! Samantha baker is about to go through one hell of birthday as John Hughes directs another teen masterpiece!

This list will change your perception about an 80's movie and will have the chances to make it into your very favorite movie lists! Enjoy!


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