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The coming together of Marvel Studios and Sony has heralded a future of celebration for the return of Spider-Man to his rightful home, but it seems as if our joyous arm waving hasn't been shared by the companies, as they are more content on taking cheeky shots at each other, safe from behind the veil of https.

Alas, in the age of the dawn of the online whistleblower, so few shrouding veils are left truly safe, as Sony were swift to learn when their email correspondents were leaked all over the internet to much embarrassment on their parts.

This time it's Marvel's turn to have a few of their inner most feelings spilled across the web, and they do not disappoint. Kevin Feige, Alan Fine and Tom Cohen were discussing Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and lets just say they weren't particularly withholding with their scorn...

A Parent Knows Best for Their Child

The correspondence opened with Fine sending the results of the back and forth over to Michael Lyndon at Sony:

I enjoyed speaking with you today. Thanks for being so open-minded and receptive. I know it’s not easy to get the type of feedback I gave and it will probably be even more difficult to read more of it in print. However, I promised to send you whatever I could locate of my notes. I am still searching for my notes on ASM but did find the notes on ASM2 (below). There are also a couple of back-n-forth notes between Kevin and I that help to illustrate my concerns on the ASM2 draft that I read.



Then Feige goes straight for the jugular:

They are definatley setting up an alternate universe to the first trilogy. No doubt about it – I saw the spider bite in Sam Raimi's movie and it was totally different than the Spider bite in ASM. They have rebooted.
In a million years I would not advocate rebooting the Iron Man MCU. To me it's James Bond and we can keep telling new stories for decades even with different actors.

Which is quite the refreshing model, don't you think? But more on that later. Fine goes on to agree with Feige, claiming that Sony are "obsoleting." and "making a mess of the first trilogy….exiling it from the cinematic universe."

I think that is very risky thing to do with a movie audience following. Okay for comic books but I wouldn’t even do it with cartoon animation.
Had I known, I would never have approved that strategy. Avi is totally nuts. More confirmation to me that he never knew what he was doing.

Strong statements there from the Marvel boys, and do you agree? Personally I did think it was a bold move to reboot the entire franchise a few years after Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 released, but it was entertaining enough.

The emails break ASM2 down in much more detail over here if you fancy reading more, but the thing that interested me most about this leak is Marvel's model for the Iron Man MCU.

Instead of eventually rebooting the entire franchise, it seems as if Marvel are planning on introducing a new actor to fill RDJ's ample sized Iron Boots, and have been considering this for a while. But who? Which actors would be able to match or better the renaissance man's portrayal of Tony Stark?

Iron Casting

Leonardo DiCaprio

His name was tossed around in the hat way back before Iron Man first exploded onto screens. He certainly has the chops, has no trouble in portraying cocky yet likeable characters and resembles Tony Stark, which is helpful. It would be very interesting to see the typically consistent performer jump aboard the Marvel train.

Timothy Olyphant

Another man whose name was tossed around in the hat, the vastly underrated Olyphant is another actor who has zero trouble in playing cocky yet likeable characters, and is no stranger to action features.

Colin Farrell

Another troubled presence alike RDJ, Farrell has had his fair share of instances with substance abuse, and apart from his current stint in the second season of True Detective, has unfortunately slipped down the pecking order of household names over the last years. I think he'd be a great choice; he's insanely talented and can rock a mean moustache. So, why not!

What do you think?

Are Marvel right in flinging shade at Sony's Spider-Movies? And...

(Source: Wikileaks)


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