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Itching to get your next look at J.J. Arbams' long awaited Episode VII? Good news! Making Star Wars got their hands on some freshly leaked images, possibly taken from an upcoming, as-yet-unseen trailer. The best part? The pictures finally show smooth-talking smuggler Han Solo piloting his iconic ship, the Millennium Falcon! Check it out:

Han's Back in the Hot Seat

He's finally back where he belongs! Han is joined by new characters Finn and Rey, the latter of whom appears dumbstruck by whatever intergalactic sight lies before her eyes.

You might've noticed the absence of one particularly hairy individual missing form his usual post. That's because - at least, according to Making Star Wars - Chewbacca is currently in the back of the ship recuperating from a run-in with some nasty pirates on the Gigantic Freighter.

That same source claims that Rey's dumbstruck, glazed-eyed stare is in response to seeing a luscious, green jungle planet for the first time, having been confined to a sand planet for her most of her life.

But the leaks don't stop there. It's been confirmed that Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson is set to play a character ambiguously referred to as 'The General,' and we now have our first ever look at him, too!

The Empire Convenes

The General can be seen scheming with a Chrometrooper, who some believe to be Captain Phasma, rumored to be played by actress Gwendoline Christie.

The nefarious pair appear to be discussing a holographic image of Finn, clearly on the trail of this new era's hero.

And if that wasn't enough to keep you salivating 'til the next trailer, three members of the Resistance have also found their way online:

This Is Red 5, I'm Going in

You better get used to this face - it's Greg Grunberg's, who's set to appear in all three sequels as a pilot, not all that unlike Wedge Antilles from the originals.

Next up...

It's a Trap!

Fan favorite booby trap victim Admiral Ackbar appears to be back, and he hasn't aged a bit! Okay, so this is in no way confirmed to be Ackbar, and could easily be another fighter of the Mon Calamari species. But if it is good old A.A., let's hope he has his wits about him this time round...

Nien Nunb?!

Yes, Lando's lovable co-pilot may be making a return! Either that, or it's a totally different character who looks the same (hey, I'm not space racist but...). After all, it is 20 years later, and I'd actually prefer to imagine Nien Nunb lounging on a distant beach planet, reminiscing about past battles. He earned his retirement.

So, that concludes this edition of The Force Awakens leaks. What do you make of it all?

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