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Spider-Man is the latest hero to be swallowed into Disney's ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe empire. The most recent deal with Sony has seen the webslinger swing over into the Avengers universe, where he is set to join the team in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). For most fans, this is excellent news. Spidey has had many epic team ups with the Avengers in the comics. With his irreverent wisecracking and unashamed fan worshipping of his fellow heroes, Peter Parker adds a fun element to the team's dynamic. Seeing him with the other Avengers will be fresh and fun, as well as potentially dividing loyalties in the pending Civil War.

So much for Spidey's cameos. Marvel has also announced that Peter will be getting his own film franchise. Again. For the third time in thirteen years. And as Marvel have stated they want to make one film for each year Peter's in high school, it's likely we're going to see the same old Uncle Ben dying origin story. And I don't know about you, but I'm desperate for something different.

So who among the Spider family could take up the hero's mantle?

1: Miles Morales

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.
He flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

An instant hit with fans, Miles Morales' first appearance was in Ultimate Fallout back in 2011. Though the comic series didn't do so well, Miles himself has been well remembered, mostly because as the first black Spider-Man he's pretty iconic. Miles was actually partly inspired by Community star and stand-up comic Donald Glover. When The Amazing Spider-Man was first announced, Donald Glover was everyone's fancast for Peter. "Let's get some diversity up in here!" cried the fandom. "Why does Peter have to be white?" (actual quotes) (not actually)

And when Donald Glover responded on Twitter, the internet went bonkers.

So Glover seems perfect to carry the hero's torch, and he even has a tailor made Spider-Man character to play. Plus who doesn't want to see Glover banter with the Avengers stars? In the Ultimate comics, Captain America trains Miles, and I would kill to see Donald Glover and Chris Evans spar together.

2: Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew is one of the most popular characters in Marvel's comics, appearing in several Avengers team comics as well as her own solo series. She's a compelling character: sharp, funny, and sweet, with a difficult past. So why should she be the one to join the Avengers in the movies?

First of all, more ladies! The ratio of men to women on the film universe's Avengers team has been severely unbalanced since the first team up. With Scarlet Witch joining the force in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), the next movies might finally pass the Bechdel Test. But even with Wanda on the team, there's still only two women and seven men!! Come on, Marvel. You can do better than that.

Plus, Jessica has a great dynamic with the team. In Secret Avengers (great comic, check it out) she and Black Widow are best friends, which is adorable and awesome.

From issue no.1 of Secret Avengers (2014).
From issue no.1 of Secret Avengers (2014).

She makes a great addition as the naive newbie Avenger, trying to navigate the tricky world of covert government operations while dealing with her ex-boyfriend (Clint Barton).

Of course her role in the movies would be slightly different (Clint has a wife and kids, after all) but if Secret Avengers is anything to go by, Spider-Woman is an excellent addition to the superhero gang!

3: Spider-Gwen

Yup, you read that right. Gwen Stacy is Spider-Man! Sort of. In the Edge of Spider-Verse comic series, an alternate Gwen is revealed to be her universe's friendly neighborhood webslinger. And after a hugely positive fan reaction, Spider-Gwen got her own solo series, which started in February 2015 and is currently ongoing.

It would be amazing to see Gwen on the big screen, saving the day as a big damn hero instead of helping from the sidelines. She's clearly very popular with comics fans, and thanks to Emma Stone's portrayal in the Amazing Spider-Man films, moviegoing nerds love her too.

Although in her own universe Gwen was the one to be bitten by the spider, I would love to see an inversion of the usual plot: instead of Gwen dying, what if it's Peter? Distraught but determined to do what's right, Gwen becomes Spider-Man, teaming up with the Avengers and carrying on in Peter's memory.

And still finding time to rock out in Mary-Jane Watson's band, of course...

A hero who also plays the drums? Heck yeah!

4: Silk

Another Marvel lady to get her own comic series, Silk is also the first Asian-American addition to the Spider-Man family. She's pretty badass: held captive and experimented on for years, Cindy Moon is out for blood and doesn't hold back as she starts her new life as a superhero.

With an origin story similar to Peter's, Cindy's film would be very exciting. Her plot has everything from illegal experimentation, to epic martial arts training, to searching for her family. However, as popular as Silk's comics are, she's still very unknown as a hero. Seeing her in the MCU would be a lovely surprise but wouldn't be very marketable, so it's highly unlikely she'll swing onto the silver screen any time soon.

But with Peter set to star in more films who knows, maybe we'll see more of the Spider family in the MCU's Phase 5!


Sick of Spidey? What do you think of the new Spider-Man franchise?


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