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When it comes to improving the sound system for your brand new TV or perhaps upgrading your old one, the options that the world has on offer can be a bit overwhelming. The sound that basically every TV in the world produces, regardless of how expensive it is, isn't going to live up to the quality of having an external speaker system.

But of course, not everyone is going to want to invest the same amount of money in hearing Brad Pitt as they will for seeing him...weird analogy.

We all want good quality at a fair and affordable price. That's why we believe that after having heard the soundtrack of Gravity, the booming vocals of Kanye West and the explosive action of countless video games, we've found a pretty awesome option in JBL's SB400 Soundbar and Subwoofer system!

The JBL SB400 Cinema Soundbar & Subwoofer System

Harman Cinema SB400
Harman Cinema SB400


The first thing you'll notice about Harman's device is its design. The soundbar itself is a slick and elegant holder for the speakers tucked away inside and the silver line that encompasses the front of it makes them stand out beautifully.

The Subwoofer that comes with the bar is a beast of a device. At 30cm cubed and 10.5kg in weight, you'll want to make you make some space for the 100W amplifier that's packed away inside. It's a bit cumbersome for sure, but the depth that it brings to your sound is worth the extra space.

Connections & Specs

Harman JBL SB400
Harman JBL SB400

The bar also has some great weight to it at - an indication of quality. Behind the grille are six speakers, 120W of power and an arsenal of connections. These connections, along with the system's fantastic Bluetooth capabilities, extend its worth beyond a simple speaker for movies.

Any bluetooth device you have in your home, be it your phone, tablet, laptop etc., can be connected to the device. Spotify never sounded so good! But in terms of physical connections, the JBL SB400 system comes with four HDMI ports (awesome!), one of which is ARC enabled for compatible TVs. An optical digital input and a 3.5mm auxiliary jack complete the offerings - basically everything you could need to get it working with whatever you choose!

Wall Mount & Positioning

The soundbar comes with a wall mount, which we've gratefully taken advantage of. The system is a beautiful addition to the base of your TV and to have the option come with the JBL400 is a real time saver.

Additionally, at the back of the device you'll find the soundbar's equalisation setting near the inputs. This is a vital aspect of the JBL SB400, as the correct positioning is key to achieving the best quality of sound. If you're using the wall setting on a table you'll be doing the sound quality a massive disservice.


Harman JBL SB400
Harman JBL SB400

The only two elements of the device we had trouble with were as follows: we had difficulties with the lack of an indicator on the front of the bar in order to help us see what we were adjusting. However, it does have an option to view a menu on an external screen - which is better than nothing, though a slight irritation.

Secondly, we experienced a slight delay with one of our Samsung TVs by a few milliseconds. There's no lip-sync option available with the unit so be sure to check if the JBL400 is compatible with your TV. Additionally, the remote that comes with the device feels like an after thought. It's quite small and dinky, but it gets the job done!


Harman JBL SB400
Harman JBL SB400

JBL have demonstrated that their systems can not only exist alongside the likes of Samsung and Panasonic, but exceed their expectations in so many ways. The quality of sound that comes with the JBL SB400 soundbar and subwoofer is a delight for the living room or office space. It's powerful enough to fill every average sized living room with remarkable sound and we've personally enjoyed how it has transformed our office. For more on that - check this out!


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