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A new kind of movie is on the rise and it is 'Deadpool The Movie'. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool himself. The movie is being directed by Tim Miller (Known from: 'Thor: The Dark World' and 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'. Deadpool The Movie is based on the comic books of Deadpool (From Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld) and it follows the hilarious adventures of Wade 'Winston' Wilson on his revenge on the person that almost killed him in a failed experiment. But with that experiment came accelerated healing powers and a very very twisted sense of humor.

From 2000, Artisan entertainment and Marvel Entertainment would co-produce, finance and distribute this movie. The plans for making this movie is already excisting for 15 years. But in august 2005, Davis S. Goyer, lost his interest in the movie so Century Fox would do all the work for him, because Goyer DID wanna do other projects for other movies.

The makers of this movie don't want 'Deadpool' to be the same as the 'Deadpool' from X-men Origins: Wolverine. They want him to be different and independent, so that people see a different Deadpool and not the old one, so less X-men, more Comic Book-Deadpool.

The movie is expected for February 2016, until then, alot of people will be nervously waiting for this movie. You can find the movie trailer here


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