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ALPHAS are people who have neurological differences that confers some exceptional advantage.

It about ALPHAS who is led by a neurologist and psychologist Dr Rosen,they investigate criminal cases,especially the ones that involves other ALPHAS.Dr Rosen and his team of ALPHAS operate under the auspice of the defence criminal investigative service...............

Dr Rosens is human with alphas under his control which includes, BILL harken ability to enhance strength from fight-or-flight response. RACHEL PIRZAD ability to enhance senses. GARRY BELL ability to see all electromagnetic wavelengths.NINA THEROUX ability to override willpower in others. CAMERON HICKS ability of hyperkinesis.they al have to work together to fight other bad alphas

it doesn't take the team long to to discover that a group known as 'Red flag;whom were thought defeated and eliminated long ago,after using other alphas to commit crimes and their leader parish who Dr rosen's daughter an alpha work for.


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