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Consider yourselves lucky. We the audience have been spoiled enough to delve in a new generation of television and be a part of an era where TV shows are now being treated like feature length movies. TV has evolved massively with it being given the respect and full treatment it deserves to ensure that they're the best they can be for our viewing pleasure and keep us glued to our seats. No complaints here *leans back in chair*.

Back in the day, actors would aim to only get movie roles because for them, being on TV was considered a death-wish and a plateau for their career. However, times have changed it's a good sign now when well-regarded actors see the value in quality TV. So as well as starring in shows, they become (executive) producers of them like James Spader of 'The Blacklist' or Matthew McConaughey of 'True Detective'. That way, talented and dedicated writers are more likely to create good quality material for us to enjoy. So with confidence and backing like this it's no surprise that people are hyped for shows like these and are received really well by audiences. This means shows are renewed more often with bigger and better budgets. What's not to love? Take 'Sherlock' for example which only has 3 episodes per season. Weird right? Though it might be an unconventional approach, fans are willing to allow this given that each episode is around 90 whole minutes! Fine with me *eats popcorn*.

FOX should really take a cue from CW when it comes to things like this. The CW Network has shown through 'Arrow' how to do a (superhero) TV show the right way, by turning great comic book source material into something never really attempted or seen on TV before. Who would think that a guy who has to remind us of his name at the beginning of each episode would be the formula to such a successful show? It translated onto TV well though, and enough so that 'The Flash' (and soon to be 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow') spinoff became its own show and a fan favourite amongst comic and non-comic book fans alike.

DC have a strong foothold in TV
DC have a strong foothold in TV

The 21st century has even given birth to the creation of VoD (Video On Demand Services) like Netflix and Amazon Instant (Prime). Amazing shows like the new season of 'Orange Is The New Black' or the newly remade 'Daredevil' is now easy and enjoyable to watch wherever and whenever we want.

We live in the future!

"Recent figures indicate that 53% of global internet users have watched television shows through VoD services.
The increasing popularity of online video will lead to an increase of online traffic. Thanks to smart tvs, apps and other connected devices, VoD content is not only consumed via computer but increasingly in the comfort of viewers’ living rooms."
- Statista

TV has changed drastically and for the better, which I'm glad for and look forward to even more content in the coming years.


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