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With the masterminds of Disney and Pixar behind Inside Out, it's no surprise that the film was an overnight success. The people behind Inside Out have been keeping the success storm going by running both drawing and art contests for fans on their tumblr page. The fans of the film really are a talented bunch and it was tricky to narrow it down to just ten of the best.

First, let me introduce you to those little emotional helpers from Inside Out.


This cute little anime interpretation of Joy was drawn by 16-year-old tumblr artist aizy-boy, I love how she has put her own spin on this blue haired emotion.


Artist Deeeskye has really brightened up this sad character with this nifty little bow.

This must be the saddest drawing ever, but how freakin' cute is that kitten? N'awwww.. There is more of beethegatekeeper's art over on tumblr


Darkness can sometimes really play tricks on your eyes, I like how Fear's deepest worries have been reflected in his shadow here. Nice work Vivian Le!

Riley and fear look wholeheartedly terrified here, nice work artist davidsimon4449!


This digital sketch of Anger is extremely detailed, I can almost feel his mighty yelling through the screen. This was created by digital artist Teetov.

This fan art by flockofbadgers makes me think Anger is unhappy that he was not selected as the lead in Superman..


This incredible comic-book-style-drawing was created by tysonmcguire showcasing Disgust's many emotions for well, feeling indefinitely disgusted.

All of the emotions:

Here we have all of the emotions along with the pencils that created them, just lovely. You can really feel each character's emotions spilling out from the drawing. This artist has a heaps more of their own fan art on their Instagram head here to see more: Juan_dacorte!

Digital Art of the collection of those emotions in the characters' heads:

Digital art by Asterlizard, and this is how they created it!

This was more of an experiment with a different drawing and coloring style (mostly using the “crayon” brush in SAI)


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