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Everything you need to know before you enter the crippled city of Gotham. Read this article and become the greatest ever superhero. Welcome to Batman: Arkham Knight. Officially the world's ultimate Batman simulator. Legends live on, only man comes to an end.

First, Let's get you up to speed

Based on the DC Comics superhero Batman, Batman Arkham Knight is the successor to Warner Bros 2013 video game Batman: Arkham Origins, and the fourth main game in the [Batman: Arkham Series](tag:2586475).

We enter Gotham one year after the death of the Joker. The events that preceeded in Arkham City have left the Joker stone cold on a crematorium slab. Batman struggles to come to terms with the absence of his nemesis. Voices and doubts begin to echo within his head. The Batman is unable to shake to shameful feeling; a feeling that the pair shared a bond deeper than either would have ever wished to admit.


With the Joker out of the picture, Gotham's citizens have never felt safer. The city's authorities however are teaming with activity; the expectation of an immediate power struggle will surely ensue. However, the streets are quiet, not even a murmur of an uprising, and even the crime rate in the city has dramatically declined.

The quiet before the storm

Bubbling just below the surface Batman's enemies, including Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn are aware that they have been presented with a golden opportunity to unite with the singular goal of killing Batman.

Arkham Knight Villains
Arkham Knight Villains

The streets are quiet no longer, on Halloween night; The Scarecrow threatens the entire population of Gotham city with his newly crafted strain of fear toxin. His minions have placed bombs throughout the city, forcing the hand of the authorities into a full scale evacuation of the city's six million civilians.

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

The game introduces the villain, Arkham Knight, a character created specifically for the game by Rocksteady. The Arkham Knight is described as a militarized version of Batman, with the "A" logo of the Arkham Asylum facility worn as an emblem on his chest. He's one tough mama!

Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight

Now, only criminals remain, Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police are outnumbered and outgunned. This is where YOU step in, Batman is the only one who can restore order and save the city. Be the night, be vengeance, be Batman!

A quick look at what's new and how to gain the advantage

You will be pleased to know that many of the gadgets and gameplay elements from previous Arkham games have returned. This includes the grapple gun, line launcher, batarangs, the countering system and detective vision. Batman will also be able to use some gadgets whilst flying, such as the batarang and the line-launcher.

Flight gives you the advantage in a fight


The player can fly Batman throughout the city using his cape, with gliding now allowing for longer sustained flights, steeper dives and higher climbs.

Players can also utilise the grapple gun to instantly switch directions during a glide.This grapple gun can be upgraded to increase your grapple range.

There is also a new batarang sensor that can be thrown out to gain intel on the surrounding area.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman can perform what's called a ledge dive. This dive allows for a much quicker getaway. To do this you must run towards a ledge and press the crouch button, this will launch Batman of the ledge and into a dive.

Batman can even take out cars from above. If you find yourself chasing a runaway vehicle you can swoop down onto the roof and rip the driver clean out of the driver's seat.

My favourite introduction to Batman's traversal arsenal is the wall run. Batman is able to wall run along any building while gliding. He will run for a few metres then push off again and into free glide mode.

Utilising cover

Batman can now access grates from far away, allowing him to roll forward and immediately get under the grate if in range, instead of having to be right on top of them, while also initiating multiple takedowns from within them.

Arkham Knight introduces "Fear Takedown", where Batman can subdue up to three enemies simultaneously as long as he remains undetected; time is slowed after each take down, allowing the player to target the next enemy. Use this alot!

Before engaging the enemy it is worth identifying the medics. Take out these guys first as they have the ability to revive fallen goons. With the medics down you will be free to take your time.

Use the environment

Hazardous items within the area, such as power generators (highlighted in blue), can be integrated into combat for environmental attacks. The game also introduces a controller rumble-driven, hacking mini game. Riddler Trophies also return.

Take control of enemy drones, tanks and sentinels using Batman's hack ability. In most encounters with the enemy, Batman will be outnumbered and outgunned, using the enemy weaponry against them is a sure fire way of evening the odds.

Enemy hand held weapons can be yours too

Before you can get into a position to disarm these thugs (below), they will be trying to shoot you. The first thing you need to be upgrading is your Batsuit. Get that thing bulletproofed as fast as you can.

You can now disarm enemy units with a specialised melee attack and wield their ill gotten weapon like a baseball bat. Other obtainable weapons will become highlighted in blue and can picked up.

Batman will be able to use this acquired weapon on several foes before it breaks.

Remember the new Super Cape Stun

This attack is particularly good as it not only has the ability to stun up to three enemies in a row but you can now upgrade the attack to include an attack finisher which throws enemies back and into the air.


Batman Beatdown
Batman Beatdown

This is something you will be doing a lot in Batman: Arkham Knight. For extra kudos once an enemy has been stunned and falls to the ground, he can then be picked up and have a critical beatdown performed on him. This will effectively dispatch many a bad guy from Gotham with just the right amount of brutality.

The body of my enemy is my friend

Batman can counter an enemy attack while moving forward, this can result is Batman throwing an enemy into others which in turn causes damage. This is great when you find yourself surrounded by goons.

Batman Throw
Batman Throw

Batman can also counter vehicle attacks, In Arkham Knight; bad guys will do anything to take you down. They will even attempt to run you down in their vehicles.

We have a counter for this type of attack however. When an enemy vehicle is coming at you, you can jump up onto the bonnet, spray explosive gel onto the windscreen and then jump off the back. The car will then explode and the occupants will emerge from the wreckage stunned but still alive.

Don't forget your gadgets

As fun as it can be to grapple free hand with the villainous scum, Batman has a huge array of gadgets to help ease the strain.


Remember that explosive gel I was just talking about? Well, it can also be used a projectile. This gel can also be upgraded. Dealing higher damage and having instant knock out effects.

The Batclaw can be used to deal instant knock out blows or be incorporated into a super stun attack.

The REC is a great tool to use the enemy's strengths against them. The Remote Electrical Charge Gun can be used to overload enemy electric weapons such as the stun baton and wielders.

The Disruptor

Batman: Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight

The gun itself is actually an anti gun. Named, the Disrupter, this piece of equipment helps Batman disable enemy weapons before he or his cohort engage.

The weapon has three charges. This multifaceted piece of kit can jam enemy weapons before they get a chance to fire, completely destroy an enemy gun, this comes at the cost of two charges however or boobytrap enemy weapon crates.

Used at range or close up this extra bit of tech will be most useful in Batman: Arkham Knight.


Using the Remote Hacking Device is a great way of sneaking into high security areas. This particular device is an upgraded version of the Cryptograph we saw in previous Arkham title.

Batman Intel
Batman Intel

You will be able to use this gadget to interfere with cameras, power down sentry turrets and drones. Get in and out without being seen or hurt.

Set traps

Using the all new voice synthesizer, Batman can now hack into the radio signals of the enemy. He can then send false orders through the wires to the goons on the ground. This allows Batman to set up traps to further his advantage. It can also be used to lure sentries out of position.

The Batmobile Rises


Arkham Knight introduces the Batmobile to the series as an actual drivable car. This beast can be summoned to your location from anywhere within Gotham. This is a truly versatile machine, you can jump it, use speed boosts, fire missiles and spin 360 degrees on the spot. This bulletproof tank brings Batman that feeling of home amongst the dangers of Gotham.

This beast is fully upgradable. You will also be please to know that Riddler Trophies are returning, now including objectives requiring the Batmobile, such as timed races in and Gotham.

I do suggest playing through the Batmobile tutorial first. This is one tricky truck to master.

Once you have mastered the handling, the next item on the list will be to upgrade your 60mm cannon ASAP. This is your only real defence against enemy armoured units, of which there are a lot. The cannon is brilliant but takes a long time to reload at the beginning of the game. Get this upgraded as soon as you have the available points.

Dual Play

Rack up the body count by combining attacks and alternating your finishing moves. Dual Play works in a very similar vein to GTA's character switch system. Whilst playing the game the player can switch between their onscreen heroes to overcome the enemy forces.

Batman Dual Play
Batman Dual Play

Do Not Skip the Side Missions

Players only intent on playing through the campaign to find out what will happen to Gotham before anyone one else will be very disappointed if they do not play the side missions.

Batman: Arkham Knight's full ending is only reachable if you complete 100% of the game. That means that if you fail to complete the side missions you will not be getting the whole picture at the end. True story.

The first 15 minutes of Batman: Arkham Knight

For those of you that are yet to buy the game or are undecided whether it will be worth purchasing or for those of you that will be playing it tonight for the first time when you get home from work. Here is the first 15 minutes of the game to get you good and ready to step into the shoes of Batman.

Open the box, pop in the disc and this is what you see..

We have waited months for this day to arrive. Batman: Arkham Knight is a triumph. The best in the series by long way. It is a culmination of all the best bits from the Arkham series whilst piecing in all the bits you wanted but didn't have.

Are you enjoying Batman: Arkham Knight so far?

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