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With Game of Thrones leaving a serious void in many lives following the end of Season 5, we went on a mission to fill that hole by creating the ultimate interactive 'man cave' for fan favourite, Tyrion Lannister.

After asking some of the show’s biggest enthusiasts what trinkets they think would be lurking within his chambers, we preceded to build an interactive graphic of, what is essentially, a haven for all those that love the Tyrion Lannister lifestyle!

Tyrion Lannister's Man Cave

Screenshot of the interactive artwork
Screenshot of the interactive artwork

The artwork allows you to interact with Tyrion's room, showing facts and information about objects as you hover over them.

Visit our page and explore the man cave; hover over the books, bottles and crossbows to see why these items are considered the most vital to the lion’s den.

Check out Tyrion Lannister's Interactive Man Cave Here!

Explore at your peril – we can’t promise you won’t want your own man cave after visiting!


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