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You don't need to save the day to be a superhero.Be yourself because you're cool!
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Along the years MARVEL was one of the biggest comic book producing company. But, despite it's fame, MARVEL also got a few characters that didn't do so good. I don't want to call them bad just...underrated (because each one is great in it's own way) I personally like all of them.



Lockjaw is the coolest pet you could ever ask for. He has cosmic awareness,he can teleport anywhere in the universe (that making him the one and only mean of transport for the INHUMANS) and he's extremely strong being eight times bigger than a normal do. Well...of course...he leaves a lot of mess.


Fly little bird
Fly little bird

Not many people had heard about this MARVEL character even if, at a time, she was the sidekick of the one and only Capetian America, being the granddaughter of Richard "Bucky" Barnes.But, according to S.H.I.E.L.D. files, she is a chronal anomaly that should not exist.


Even if not many people have heard about Angelica Jones, i think i'll just leave this here:Trained to be an assassin with her microwave manipulating mutant powers, she spent years as a New Warrior and Avenger, but then retired during Marvel's Civil War, later joining the Young Allies. She is a current member of the X-Men, and teaches physics at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (Flies away).


Forgot about the homework
Forgot about the homework

Vision is an artificial intelligence created by Ultron, wich ironically didn't become a villain just like it's creator. Vision is now an important member of The Avengers and one of my favorite superheroes of all time.But...honestly...he wasn't such a big deal before the "AVENGERS:AGE OF ULTRON" movie.


How I see my teachers
How I see my teachers

Even if he is actually the son of Satan, he uses his supernatural powers to help mankind.While he does have a much darker and evil side, he has an heroic soul. If...he has...does he have a soul?


Now that's a whole new level of "TECH OBSESSED"
Now that's a whole new level of "TECH OBSESSED"

Karima Shapandar is one of the human sentinels. But what makes her different from the others is that she managed to escape her mutant extermination protocol. Now, as a reborn hero, she tries to keep that little bit of humanity that she has left.


I'll be honest to you. I just hated Gwen Stacy before she became Spider-Gwen. She was just like the princess Peach of the MARVEL universe.She always needed to be saved.But now, the first love of Peter Parker is more awesome than ever. The reason she is on this list is that she's a newly introduced character. I can't wait to see what MARVEL got for her.


Oh! So you tought this list was only with superheroes! FOOLS! Baron Blood was one of Captain America's enemy before he was beheaded by the cap.Yup! Ya was a pretty terrifying comic book for a six year old.


Started with the vilains...go with the villains! Beside the fact that his head looks like a fishbowl, Mysterio is a pretty cool character. Don't believe me? In 2009, Mysterio was ranked as IGN's 85th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. Even tough, I feel like people don't give him the attention that he deserves.


Uh...I...I'm sorry guys I really tried but...there is no "Underrated MARVEL characters" list without Squirrel girl. She is actually kinda cool but...let's face it! This girl throws squirrels. I really tried to find something else but Squirrel Girl just takes the cake.

I really hope you liked this list. I'm sorry if there are some characters that you think are extremely awesome. As I said I also like them all. I just feel they don't recieve the attention they actually really deserve.


Wich one is the most underrated?


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