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Is there life on Mars? Do we now have conclusive evidence of alien life?

NASA has discovered a perfectly formed pyramid on the surface of Mars and conspiracy theorists are convinced that this is the product of intelligent design that further proves the existence of aliens.

Mars Rover - Curiosity Snaps Pyramid
Mars Rover - Curiosity Snaps Pyramid

The Mars rover, aptly named 'Curiosity,' has been making its way across the Mars surface for some time now. Until now, there have not been any major discoveries made on the Red planet. We believe we may have found evidence that water in a liquid state may have once existed on the planet, but not much else has been reported... until now, that is.

Worldwide hysteria as NASA edges closer to an Earth-shattering discovery

And it's not just conspiracy theorists that are making the alien connection with the pyramid. People across the globe are seeing this as more than a coincidence. The nature in which our own pyramids were built comes under regular scrutiny, so you can imagine the reaction to the discovery of a pyramid on Mars.

The pyramid itself is the size of an average sized car. Theorists widely believe that this is simply the capstone of a much larger structure that lies beneath the surface of the planet. YouTube channel 'Paranormal Crucible' are fully in support of this theory. See what they have to say below:

Many are suggesting that it could even be a marker stone. These stones have been used for many centuries here on Earth by humans to indicate either a direction or path to distant travelers. A sign to the Curiosity rover to keep going perhaps?

This pyramid is reported to be almost perfectly sculpted: an exact mathematical replica of the pyramids we have physically seen for ourselves here on Earth. Could this mean that this is more than just a coincidental rock formation? Or is it just that, rocks?

This latest discovery is sparking worldwide debate: Is this really proof that we are not alone?

Fellows at the YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible are convinced that this is more than coincidental and must be the product of 'intelligent design,' wholeheartedly.

Mars Rover - Curiosity
Mars Rover - Curiosity

Some folks have even stated that this is clear evidence that there was, at least at one point, human life on Mars. This follows a belief held by a few theorists that human life actually originated on Mars and not here on Earth.

They say that this pyramid is sure evidence that early Martian civilizations were similar to our own ancestors. It is also why we built our own pyramids on Earth.

NASA has found another perplexing structure in recent days

Ceres Pyramid
Ceres Pyramid

It is also worth noting that this is not the first pyramid-type structure NASA has found recently. This image was snapped by NASA's 'Dawn' spacecraft as it orbits Ceres, the largest mass in our solar system's asteroid belt.

Ceres has a predominantly flat surface, yet the latest photos received by NASA direct from their spacecraft have perplexed even the most experienced of scientists.

In the images sent back, there appears to be a pyramid-type structure that protrudes out a whopping three miles above the surface. Particular attention is focused on the reflective materials that seem to adorn the the tip of the alien structure.

Ceres Pyramid
Ceres Pyramid

Theorists are suggesting that this could be an ancient artifact decorated with valuable minerals, or further evidence that there is another life-form out there able to craft vast structures in a multitude of environments.

The Dawn spacecraft is currently orbiting Ceres at 2,700 miles above the surface, this structure is now so alluring to scientists that they intend to come in to just 900 miles above the surface when the spacecraft's orbit aligns into the correct location. This will happen on June 30th. Stay tuned!

Dawn's Journey to date
Dawn's Journey to date

Scientists are willing to state that, at this point, they do not know what the structure is likely to be. They have never seen anything like this before and it is still under investigation.

However, they do believe that they know what the reflective materials could be. They state that it may either be ice particles or salt residue that is reflecting.

Time to be open-minded? All should become a little clearer come the 30th.

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