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Any fan knows that the world of [Pokémon](tag:2538552) is loosely inspired by the one we live in. In particular, Japan and the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh comprise the bulk of the settings in these games. With the prospect of Pokemon Z on the horizon, perhaps fans should ask themselves what kind of update Pokemon could be getting, and if it could even see a revamping of the world we explore.

Satoshi Taijri's vision

Despite Pokemon being a Japanese game mostly aimed at a Japanese market, you might ask yourself why it sticks to the relatively suburban tone, rather than jetting off to exotic lands or fabricating fantastical ones entirely. The answer to that rests with Satoshi Taijri, and his own inspiration for the Pokemon games. Tajri has gone on record as stating that the inspiration for Pokemon comes from his hunting for bugs in the rural outskirts of Tokyo when he was a child. While this certainly explains why you encounter so many bug catchers in these games, it also explains why these games inhabit such a location. In Pokemon, you, a child, can seemingly travel the whole world, and not even leave Japan.

The scope of the setting in Pokemon is so narrow simply because it parallels the sense of epic adventure and travel a child would get just from leaving the suburbs. What if Pokemon Z were to expand on this, truly elevating Satoshi Taijri's original vision to one that encompasses the life of an intrepid explorer, crossing the planet on a perilous journey to discover new creatures in unknown lands? Could we see Pokemon Z go global?

Distant lands of Pokemon

Go big!
Go big!

It's somewhat of a fallacy to say that Pokemon has never expanded beyond it's initial Japanese setting. There is an entire planet to this series; one that eerily parallels our own, and certain Pokemon games have explored these locations. One example would be Orre, a location available in Pokemon Colosseum. The region is allegedly based off Phoenix Arizona, which is more than a stone's throw from the traditional Pokemon settings. The location is described as "a distant land", and Pokemon from it seem to exhibit different qualities to those found in others. This is similar to the way different Pokemon are found between Japanese regions, but taken to an extreme. What if Pokemon Z didn't just involve that extreme, but was about it?

Pokemon Z goes global

So how could Pokemon Z benefit from taking on a global setting? Well, it could give a sense of genuine intrepid exploration. No longer could you simply hop on a flying Pokemon and scoot back to your home town. There would be a sense of no turning back as you plough on into unknown lands. This premise would also allow GameFreak to craft Pokemon Z more creatively, and to have fun with the new locations they cook up. What would a Pokemon equivalent of Africa look like? What would Pokemon make of the Canadian tundra, the Mediterranean or the British Isles? Just thinking of locations is a source of fun!

No limits in Pokemon Z!
No limits in Pokemon Z!

And then comes the potential for new Pokemon designs. With new locations come new Pokemon, and it could be fun to see what rules and parameters this world places on itself in giving us a functioning ecosystem. Imagine what kind of creatures the Pokemon equivalent of Australia or Antarctica could provide us? Yes, the Pokemon games have already run the gambit of reference points of creatures all over the planet, but here, Pokemon Z has a chance to shape a tangible and dynamic world for fans.

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