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I'm Julie bell Bradford West Yorkshire England. Huge fan of Tom Hiddleston, after seeing him in BBC Drama'_Hollow Crown' 2012. Then even more so seeing him as 'Loki' in first Thor film 2011 on DVD I borrowed from my brother in 2013. A few weeks ago I found out I'm a distant cousin of his, on his mother's side of the family. His mum Diane, her aunt Mary Vestey, sister of Diane's mother; Patricia Servaes. Mary's husband Ralph Bruce Verney - 'Bruce' part of the family, descended from 2 different Royal dynasties. (1) William the Conqueror, through Henry Clifford. William the Conqueror invaded England 1066AD, ; became English King. (2) Princess Mary Tudor, through daughter Eleanor, by Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk; England. Eleanor wife of above Henry Clifford. Mary Tudor is sister if English King Henry 8th + Margaret Tudor. Margaret ancestor of the British Royal family. My 5x grd Thomas Coggan - Coggan one of 19 variations of ancient Welsh Cogan dynasty. By a Norman lord Anon, later John, 'founded' Welsh village Cogan 1139AD; adopted village name as his surname. He had 3 sons with Gwladys FitzWalter - Miles, Richard + Geoffrey. Gwladys daughter of Nest Rhys, daughter of ancient Welsh King Rhys Tewdwr. Nest's brother Gruffydd, ancestor of English King Henry 8th , Margaret Tudor + Princess Mary Tudor. For more information, see my blogs 'Julie Bell my Scottish wwelsh royal heritage / Julie bell chart of Tom Hiddlestons grt uncle Ralph Bruce Verney' on normal 'google' . Regarding Kenneth Branagh , he directed the first Thor film . Yes he should direct Thor Raknorak


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