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So yesterday, I had an unusual experience. I was alone in my house for the entire night. My family and I went camping this weekend, and they stayed an extra day while I came back home to work Monday & Tuesday. I very rarely have time to myself between work and being married with a 3 year old son and another boy on the way. So, needless to say, I wanted to enjoy my free night and I was given the chance when I got a Redbox text message for a free movie and I went right onto the website and looked to see what was available nearby.

I scrolled through a lot of good looking films, trying to decide what genre I was in the mood for. I had it narrowed down to 3 films: The Equalizer with Denzel Washington, Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch or The Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart. I hedged back and forth for a while until coming to the conclusion that I was looking for something light. So I chose The Equalizer.

Just kidding!

I rented The Wedding Ringer and plopped down with my free Domino's No Hitter pizza (Thank you Dominos!) and started watching.

We're introduced to Doug Harris, played wonderfully, by Josh Gad as he is trying to find a best man for his wedding. He's calling everyone he knows and asks with no avail. He is less than 2 weeks from his wedding day and he has created an imaginary bestman (Bic Mitchum) along with 7 groomsmen and is too ashamed to tell his fiancee, Gretchen Palmer - played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, the truth that he has no friends to ask.

Enter Bic Mitchum played by Jimmy Callahan, played by Kevin Hart. Jimmy Callahan is in the best man for hire business. Doug seeks him out through the nudging of the wedding planner, Edmundo (brilliantly portrayed by Ignacio Serricchio). The two men, Jimmy & Doug hash out some of the details and Doug explains that they have 10 days to pull off a golden tux because he needs a best man and 6 groomsmen.

Jimmy agrees to help Doug and begins to collects a ragtag team of friends and ex-ringers as well as holds a mini audition for groomsmen until we finally have a wonderfully diverse team of Affion Crockett, Jorge Garcia, Dan Gill, Alan Ritchson, Aaron Takahashi, Colin Kane & Corey Holcomb.

All through the film, Jimmy continuously tries to remind Doug that their relationship is purely business, but as their interactions increase Jimmy finds what he has been missing the whole time - a true friend.

The Wedding Ringer is a great bawdy bro-power comedy, if that description makes sense? It's got some of the humorously indecent moments that you would expect in a movie like this, but they are all done really well and fairly tastefully managed for the most part. The movie is quick and didn't seem to lag and it's just a generally uplifting movie for any guy who has felt like Doug: lovable but socially-awkward and living a lonely, safe life. I know I was one of those guys and watching both Jimmy and Doug learn about themselves and each other is actually a fairly heartwarming aspect of this movie.

It's full of great one-liners and the last line of the film is by far my absolute favorite but one of my favorite underrated actors, Jorge Garcia.

"I've got a bad feeling about this plane."

For anyone who watched Lost as much as I did, you'll get a kick out of Jorge's character and especially that line.

Overall, I think The Wedding Ringer is a wonderful addition to any comedy collection, and I personally would love to see a sequel with most of the cast returning.


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