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Underground Filmmaker, Art Director and Punk ScriptWriter from Galiza. Hyperrealism and Surrealism, that is the question.
Samuel Lema

Since childhood Hansel has always had one wish: to devour a human. His old doll simply fills his emotional void. After the death of his mother he decides to realize his dream, turning wishes into a dangerous need. A lethal need when there is no more meat to devour.

Photo by Coque Santomé
Photo by Coque Santomé
"Undoubtedly explicit and unprecedented violence, the film is built perfectly. The contrasted light next to a black and white acre, and the asymmetric conception of space , transforms this sordid story in an intense reflection about the obsession of a man. Here, the explicit violence is not to entertain, is not anecdotal, but it pushes the viewer to live every second of pain experienced by the characters. One of the great films of SPASM Festival. Sensitive souls refrain." - Nicolas Toutant (
Photo by Belén Mendaña
Photo by Belén Mendaña

Raw Meat is a horror movie, with a length of 18 minutes, inspired by the history of the Rotenburg Cannibal, Armin Meiwes, and conceived as a surreal fable. We Have always wanted to move into the orbit of the scatological and the macabre. In the abjection of human behavior, looking for those instincts born fruit not only of psychopathology but of covenant, tacit agreement.

Aesthetic and formal ingredients of Raw Meat

The nightmare is eternal sleep. We gathered all our references. The Tenant by Roland Toppor and later a film adaptation of Roman Polanski, the schizoid universe of Jan Svankmajer.

From the representation of the scenic spaces of Dreyer and his supernatural conception and criticism of the religion, to the punk attitude and aesthetic formalism of authors like Shintaro Kago or Hideshi Hino.

From the "studied" Dirty and the visual aesthetics of Gerald Kargl to the visceral narrative and archetypes of Gothic literature (Sheridan Le Fanu, E.T.A. Hoffman, Mauppassant). The twilight and contrasted light and theatrical acting of the P.M.R and expressionist cinema.

"This is a very free adaptation of the case of Armin Meiwes, mixed with a cruel mockery of good tips and finished social-liberal European society, such as "You are what you eat". Consumption, overcoming the flesh as the last frontier. If the program of the Enlightenment amended by Hegel aimed to elevate reason and release of faith to bring paradise to earth, that is, the flesh, the obsession Cannibal by plastic, rather trust and worship, is the postmodernism that dying: there is no moral reference (mother) or ethical (father) that can overcome the self-satisfaction of desires, their significance in the world online, transparent and übercomunicated where everyone can always find your perfect match." - Andrés Bloom (ALTO VOLTA,

The violence. Violence is that feature of the process of maladjustment to conventional social mores. Violence that arises around sex impregnated of phallocentrism, associating the sex, whatever its form, sarcastically with the disease.

The flesh. As a graphic representation, specifically material of the human. Meat facing the plastic. Visceral and affective emotions facing faced with his dreamlike and corporeal projection. If Haneke is God, Cronenberg is his prophet. And vice versa.

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