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The Last of Us has started to take an increasingly large amount of time out of my day. As a guy who writes about Video Games on a daily basis, there are a great deal of franchises that I feel pressured to catch up with and experience (Shenmue for instance). However, as I sat around waiting for [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936), with a pile of old games to try, I just kept returning to the adventure of Joel and Ellie - frantically searching for new treasures hidden within the game.

Also, Grounded mode is a bitch, but SO much fun! I'd love to return to this universe for The Last of Us 2, but I also come from a film studies background. The idea of someone making an impressive and emotional experience based on this IP is intriguing. But would you pick The Last of Us movie over The Last of Us 2? And who would you cast as Joel and Ellie?

The Last of Us movie
The Last of Us movie

The Last of Us 2 vs The Last of Us Movie

We've all heard about the rumours of Maisie Williams taking Ellie's place on the big screen. And while I think she'd be an interesting choice, I can already see that as a direction that could negatively impact on the movie. One of the greatest aspects about The Last of Us was that Ellie and Joel were unknowns. How could we know them? Of course, Troy Baker is familiar to so many of us, but as their animated selves they were just people thrust into a world of chaos.

This had an impact on me in a peculiarly profound way as it lended a certain degree of power to the script. Joel was simply a father who had gone through too much pain to bare. And Ellie was a cocky young girl forced to be the carrier of a much needed cure. If they were played by world-renowned actors in The Last of Us movie - I think that element of the story would be lost on us all and especially those who have yet to play the game.

The Last of Us
The Last of Us

Who Would You Cast As Joel & Ellie?

But that could just be me, and in order for the film to make more money, the studio that takes on The Last of Us will assuredly fill it with stars to get the attention of the general public. But if you were given the choice, who would cast as Joel and Ellie? I'd personally cast unknowns, like Robert De Niro was at the time that Martin Scorsese cast him for Taxi Driver!

And be sure to let us know in the comments if you'd pick The Last of Us movie over the return of Naughty Dog for The Last of Us 2.


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