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Game of Thrones finished off Season 5 in spectacular bloodcurdling fashion, and unfortunately for us, it won't be until around April 2016 that we see the epic fantasy series back on our screens.


However, already there is news trickling forth onto the internet about Season 6 and what it holds for our favorite characters, including a list of casting calls discovered by fansite Watchers on the Wall (Shout-out to them for great content!). In the cast calls we are given the description of a "beautiful, intense and magnetic" red priestess in her 20s or 30s immediately springs images of another Melisandre type character to mind. Not much was known about the actress's role until an audition tape, which has now been pulled from the internet, appeared online. The scene consisted of a British actress, Tehmina Sunny, playing the role of Kinvara, meeting both Tyrion and Varys in the city of Mereen.

So why is this of any importance?

Well... although we know their is a Red Temple in the city of Mereen, what makes this scene particularly interesting is it's content of dialogue. The last time we saw Daenerys, she was flying out of the city on the back of Drogon to the middle of the Dothraki sea. Already we have been given a major hint as to what her future holds. The scene suggests that the mother of dragons may not be back in Mereen for quite a while, but never fear, she's been singled out by the Lord of Light R'hllor for glory... actually maybe you should worry then.

Tehmina Sunny
Tehmina Sunny

It appears that with the inclusion of a herald proclaiming her presence, the Red Priestess may have travelled from the free city of Volantis for an audience with Tyrion and Varys. In the novels, the head of the Red Temple of Volantis is a man named Benerro, so it is likely that Benioff and Weiss may have substituted his role for that of Kinvara.

The video has since been taken down, so unfortunately we are not able to show you visual content, but never fear! WoTW reader Jared has dutifully transcribed the video. Check it out in full below:

Herald: “You stand in the presence of Kinvara, High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, the Flametruth, the light of wisdom, the first servant of the Lord of the Light.”
Tyrion: “Welcome to Meereen. That’s about the extent of my Valyrian. Do you mind if we continue in Common?"
*Kinvara nods*
Tyrion: “Thank you for traveling all this way. I know from personal experience how uncomfortable the journey can be. The truth is, we need your help. Our hope is that we can persuade you to, to …”
Kinvara: “You want my priests to convince the Meereenese that the city’s conqueror is the people’s savior.”
Tyrion/Varys: “We prefer liberator to conqueror.
Kinvara: “You don’t have to persuade me of anything. I came to help. Daenerys Stormborn is the One Who Was Promised. From the fire, she was reborn … to remake the world.”
Tyrion: “Yes.”
Kinvara: “She freed the slaves from their chains and crucified the Masters for their sins.”
Tyrion/Varys: “She did indeed.”
Kinvara: “Her dragons are fire made flesh. A gift from the Lord of Light. But you’ve heard all of this before, haven’t you? On the Long Bridge of Volantis? The dragons purify nonbelievers by the thousands, burning their sins and flesh away.
Tyrion/Varys: “Ideally, we’d avoid purifying many non-believers. The Mother of the Dragon has followers from many different faiths.”
Kinvara: “You want your queen to be worshiped and obeyed. And while she’s gone, you want her advisors to be worshiped and obeyed.”
Tyrion: “I’d settle for obeyed.”
Kinvara: “I will summon mummers and appoint priests. They will spread the word. Daenerys has been sent to lead the people against the darkness … for this war, and the Great War yet to come.”
Varys: “That sounds excellent. A man named Stannis Baratheon was appointed as the Chosen One by one of your priestesses. He too had a glorious destiny. He attacked King’s Landing, and was soundly defeated by the man standing beside me. Last I heard, he’d been defeated again. This time at Winterfell … and this time for good.”
*Kinvara turns her head as if responding to a new speaker, implying that Tyrion is the one who speaks the next line*
Tyrion: “We are grateful for any support you can provide the queen during this trying time.”
*Kinvara turns her head back – Varys speaking again?*
Varys: “I suppose it is hard for a fanatic to admit a mistake. Isn’t that the whole point of being a fanatic? You’re always right. Everything is the Lord’s will.”
Kinvara: “Everything is the Lord’s will. Men and women make mistakes … even honest servants of the Lord.”
Varys: “And you? An honest servant of the Lord? Why should I trust you any more than the priestess who counseled Stannis?”
Tyrion: “My friend has a healthy skepticism of religion, but we’re all loyal supporters of the Queen.”
Kinvara: “Everyone is what they are and where they are for a reason. Terrible things happen for a reason. Take what happened to you, Lord [Varys], when you were a child. If not for the mutilation by the second-rate sorcerer, you would not be here, helping the Lord’s Chosen bring light into this world. Knowledge has made you very powerful … but there is still so much you don’t know. Do you remember what you heard, the night the sorcerer tossed your parts into the flames? Should I tell you what the voice said? Should I tell you the name of the one who spoke or where it lives?”
*Kinvara laughs. Clearly, she has successfully unsettled Varys*
Kinvara: “We serve the same queen. If you are a true friend, you have nothing to fear from me.”
*Kinvara turns and departs*

Assuming the scene is legit, it appears that we may have another badass female character to contend with come Season 6! It's no easy task to make the master of whispers feel uneasy... Sadly, Season 6 won't air until 2016.

And so my watch begins...


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