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Eight-year-old Hope Laliberte and her twin sister Paige were born premature at just 24 weeks. Since then, the brave pair have been in and out of hospitals for various health issues. Hope, born with cerebral palsy and diagnosed with an uncommon form of epilepsy has had to wear leg braces for the last four years.

While some little girls would hope for princesses and rainbows adorning their braces, Hope looks to much more badass decorations to find strength.

Jack Foley/The Herald News
Jack Foley/The Herald News

In the past she's had skull and crossbones, Batman and Spider-Man, but this time she wanted to branch out and get something that showcased her most recent obsession: Disney villains.

Jack Foley/The Herald News
Jack Foley/The Herald News

While the braces she gets from the brace clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital come with a few designs, Hope's favorite Disney villainesses, Ursula and Cruella de Vil don't come standard. Hope's mom Pamela Laliberte-Lebeau told Yahoo! Parenting:

She’s been into Disney villains for at least a year now. She says she’s done with princesses and loves the villains.

They offer all different types of little girl designs, but she wasn’t having any of that.

Instead of giving up and heading home, the Laliberte-Lebeau family went to their friend Aaron Guillemette, a tattoo artist from the Up in Flames tattoo shop, for help!

Jack Foley/The Herald News
Jack Foley/The Herald News

On Hope's light pink braces, Guillemette drew the Ursula and Cruella stickers - being sure to include Hope's name - on sticker paper so that they would stick to her resin and acrylic braces, then painted them. Finally, he sealed his designs with polyurethane so that Hope could be as wild as a normal kid, without having to worry about damaging her personalized designs.

Jack Foley/The Herald News
Jack Foley/The Herald News

Naturally, Hope was thrilled with Guillemette's work. From what it sounds like from her mother, Hope is more than deserving of such an awesome gift. She's just a normal kid who wants to show off what she loves.

When I saw the sketches that Aaron was doing, we knew that she would just be thrilled with them. She’s in the hospital all the time, and she never complains.
If you ask her, she doesn’t think she’s any different than anyone else.

Hope is clearly one badass chick, so it makes sense she'd want some equally badass people on her braces. Since Ursula and Cruella don't scare her, I don't think anything will!

Of course, Aaron Guillemette deserves a ton of praise for helping that dream come true by going above and beyond to help Hope feel more comfortable in her braces.

That's a heartwarming story if I've ever heard one!

(Via: Yahoo! Parenting, The Herald News)


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