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With a record breaking opening weekend, Jurassic World is without a doubt one of the most successful films in cinematic history! Fans, old and new, continue to stream into theaters to watch fierce dinos grace the silver screen once more, but the creativity doesn't stop there. It comes as no surprise that fans from across the internet have been hard at work creating their own, much less scary, versions of the epic dinosaur sequel.

Check out the best Jurassic World spoofs from the internet below!

1. The Wallace Parody

If tame(ish) raptors weren't shocking enough already, let's add in some more motorcycles. Dallace Wallace, the creator of this comedy gold, successfully converted every scene in this clip into a thoroughly uncomfortable, strange, and hilarious moment! Check out mark :06 again if you feel like having nightmare-riddled sleep.

2. Jurassic Weenie

This one does the impossible and will undoubtedly make you want to immediately adopt a raptor... as long as the raptor is a wiener dog, you know! These adorable little creatures take the place of Jurassic World's normally vicious raptors. I never thought anything could beat Chris Pratt's adorable antics, but I obviously stand corrected!

3. Raptor vs. Doorknob

This video makes an incredibly valid point against the original Jurassic Park designers. When you have raptors around, please don't use long door handles, it's just common sense. We already learned the hard way that they have a knack for opening up doors... wasn't that enough of a lesson to endure?

4. Zookeeper Wranglers

As seriously intense as the film is, it goes without saying that eventually the internet would grasp onto something silly and roll with it. This time? Chris Pratt and his raptor wrangling style.

Original stance...

Inevitable Internet mischief...

As fiercely awesome as Chris Pratt was in the film, and boy was he, it looks like any of these fearless zookeepers could have taken on those mean ol' raptors! I mean, alpacas and hedgehogs are pretty vicious if you ask me.

5. Veloci-Princesses

XP artist Laura Cooper accomplished the impossible and created a set of raptors characterized by both ferocity, as well as beauty! Yes, they may be generally pretty mean, but don't velociraptors deserve to feel pretty, too? Check out the rest of the veloci-princesses here!

6. Jurassic Baby

This video is pretty much direct proof that some people have far too much time on their hands, and that's perfectly okay with us! These babies make even cute little newborns seem threatening, so beware the next time you take on a babysitting gig, folks.

I hope you enjoyed these highly entertaining spoofs! Now, the internet is an incredibly wide and vast place, so if you have seen or have even made an awesome Jurassic World parody yourself - tell us about it by commenting below!


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