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It's difficult for some to understand the importance and cultural significance of cosplay. With Comic-Con coming up, I think this story is super relevant and will easily warm your heart. It's a story of a couple's love, struggle, and hope, alleviated by cosplay.

See, way back in 2011, only one week before Christmas, Jason Isenberg was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was in the prime of his life, at the young age of 31 at the time.

Having to deal with the harsh reality of sickness, necessary treatment, the stress that comes with all of that, and the medical bills to boot obviously isn't easy. Jason and his loving wife Cheryl had to stay grounded throughout this all, and they found that "release" of sorts through cosplay.

One of their best was a Kilik and Natsu Soul Calibur V cosplay that they got awesome photographs of, which showed the detail and effort that went into every aspect of the cosplay.

It was only two months earlier that the couple had attended Dragon Con for the first time, after they were convinced to tag along by some friends. Cheryl wanted to make sure that once Jason was back on his feet (when, not if... staying positive), they were going to cosplay together. It was a goal they would keep top of mind during the arduous process of recovery.

We cover a lot of cosplayers on Moviepilot, but this story includes more than just amazing costumes of excellent characters. There's a backstory here that is even more extraordinary. Now, almost four years later, Jason has recovered, and the pair have made good on their word, teaming up to form the cosplay duo Pink Justice.

Justice. A perfect word to sum up how this all shook out!

Cheryl and Jason, I'm sure, are nowhere near being done with their cosplaying. Now every time they put together a kick-ass get-up for a con or just for a photo shoot, they'll have something even more special to smile and reflect about.

In this case, they chose cosplay, but on a bigger scale, this is kind of a lesson that using a passion as a way to distract from a brutal situation can be the proper outlet to help with whatever problems you may have. Even potentially life-threatening illness.

Here they are as Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us. Besides this being an awesome outlet for them, they're pretty damn good at it, too!

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