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Baldwin Collins

IN celebration of the 40th anniversary of steven spielberg's classic cult movie 'jaws' (1975). this year 2015 , I went back in time , and viewed the original master piece. And it is still beautiful to watch, so i decided to view 'jaws 2 ' I've never really seen this one before but i also enjoyed watching it.

the story is still set in the island of amity , the local people have returned to their normal lives using the beach as usual and families having regular fun days, roy scheider who reprises his role as amity police chief has set -up a beach patrol on the beach, Which is not very pleasing to mayor larry vaughn played and reprised by murray hamilton, and his new investor len peterson played by joseph mascolo. the local bill board has been defaced with a image of a sharks fin showing, which isn't incouraging to the island's tourism product the beach.

Things take a terrrible turn when theres a persumed boat skiing accident, brody investigates and the evidence tells him that the killer shark or sharks has returned.

surprisingly this movie was another success for the franchise back in 1978 even with out spielberg's direction it was directed by jeannot szwarc . i was saying to myself this film couldn't be a success with out the characters ouint the shark hunter and matt hooper the marine biologist, but the story was good.


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