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Nemesis is the story of the quintessential super villain and his torture of Americas top police commissioner.

After reading McNiven & Millar's excellent graphic novel I felt that a film version of the story was necessary, apparently so did Fox who immediately bought the rights. The film was originally going to be directed by Tony Scott but sadly Scott took his own life in August 2012, I think we can all agree that his version of the tale would have been amazing. Fox appointed Joe Carnahan as the replacement director for the project, with him, his brother and Mark Millar writing it.

So without further ado, my ideal cast...

Leading Characters:


Nemesis doing his thing.
Nemesis doing his thing.

Nemesis is a complex character with a dark past, he has been described as The Joker with all of Batman's toy's. In casting I had to find an actor who can pull off a maniac of the level of The Joker.

Cillian Murphy

In my opinion Murphy is one of the most underrated actors working today, Murphy brings a chilling nature to his performances which would fit the character of Nemesis perfectly. I chose him over the honourable mentions because I feel they aren't the right age for the part.

Honourable Mentions

- Sam Rockwell

- Matthew McConaughey

Blake Morrow

Morrow's character is akin to that of Commissioner Gordon but with a more aggressive attitude. Blake Morrow was the hardest part for me to cast, as the amount of quality action stars in the appropriate age group is huge.

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is one of the most bankable action stars right now and a great actor too.

Honourable Mentions

- Dennis Quaid

- Denzel Washington

- Mel Gibson

Supporting Cast:

Stuart Lee

Sgt. Stuart Lee is the Police Chief’s right hand man in his war against Nemesis.

David Oyelowo

When I first read Nemesis and saw the character of Sergeant Lee this was the actor who came to mind.

Honourable Mentions

- Don Cheadle

- Idris Elba

Peggy Morrow

Blake Morrow's wife and the mother of his children.

Diane Lane

Lane Ticks all the boxes for the character of Morrow's wife.

Honourable Mentions:

Michelle Fairley

Julianne Moore

The President

The President of the United States’s abduction at the hands of Nemesis is one of the key moments in the story.

Bill Pullman

Bill Pullman is the most memorable on screen president of all time, I feel casting him would be a cool reference whilst also giving Pullman a very different character to play than the one he made iconic in Independence Day.

Honourable Mentions:

- Rutger Hauer

- Jeff Daniels

Howard Anderson

The billionaire philanthropist and white sheep of the Anderson family.

Ned Beatty

This guy is just the right choice for the part, I had other actor's in mind until I saw this man's face line up with the character's face.

Honourable Mentions:

Robbie Coltrane

Jim Broadbent


How did I do?


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