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Its about time! The world has held it's breathe as the momentous casting of Spider-Man takes place behind closed doors. Many people originally thought Asa Butterfield had the role landed, until we found out he was out of the running. It's been rumoured for a while now to be down to three actors, and today we got confirmation that Tom Holland has got the part!

Holland was long considered to be Sony's favourite for the role, with reports leading us to believe that Marvel wanted Charlie Plummer for the part. Does this make us worried? After all, Marvel's casting choices over the past few years have been impeccable, while Sony's have been... mixed. No doubt Emma Stone IS Gwen Stacy, but Garfield... meh. Anyway, this super exciting news is momentous for the MCU, because Marvel have wanted a young actor so that he could appear in films for a couple of decades. They've said before that they have plans up until 2028, and with the inevitable loss of the original Captain America, Iron Man and potentially Thor and Hulk, all after Infinity War, it's very likely that they will want this major character to remain intact for a good fifteen years. It's a massive commitment for the young Holland, and it will be interesting to see what the contract film number is, because it could give us some indications about Marvel's future plans! Anyway, in other news, Marvel have also announced that the New Spider-Man film will be directed by Jon Watts, who has previously worked on films like Cop Car and Clown. Am I dubious about Marvel hiring a man who directs low budget horror films? No, I trust in Marvel. Tom Holland is only 18 I think, and his previous work includes "The Impossible" and "Locke" so he has some experience in big action films as well as small, intimate films.

Are you excited for this new Spider-Man? You can check him out in Captain America: Civil War in 2016!


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