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For those who didn't know Tom Holland is the new Spider-Man. I personally think that this is a great cast. I love that Marvel have gone with a much younger Parker as he is in the comics.

It's been said that Spider-Man already exists in the MCU just a small time guy. Which makes perfect sense as to why he is only young, meaning he hasn't been doing it long and is probably in one of his first, cheap, home made outfits. Like he was in Rami's first Spider-Man film, shown below.

Taken from 'Spider-Man'- Directed by: Sam Rami
Taken from 'Spider-Man'- Directed by: Sam Rami

Overall, I would like to say that I am more than happy with Tom Holland being cast as Spider-Man and I really hope he steps up to the roll and gives us the best Spider-Man yet. As I have said in previous posts about casting I sincerely hope that Marvel use not just Spider-Man, but Tom Holland as Spider-Man in many other future projects.


Do you think Tom Holland is right for the roll?

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