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So the older kid from the Impossible has been cast as my favorite Marvel hero ever in the rebooted Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man. Of course, me being a huge fan of Spider-Man, I need to give my thoughts on this and...

I just don't care anymore.

Holland was a good actor in the Impossible and I'm sure he'll give it his all with the role and he'll get about four sequels. Great. I just don't care about this reboot.

To me, this reboot is just WAY too forced on us. The Amazing Spider-Man just happened and do you know how many fans are upset that it's being rebooted again? A lot. Plus this new reboot will just confuse those who don't follow movies or comic book movies; they will confuse this for being a sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a new actor.

Personally, I feel that there was no need to abandon the Amazing franchise. Okay fine, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't do as well as the first movie. So? Men in Black II was a horrible sequel but it got a sequel that was the best of the franchise. Iron Man 2 was received with mediocre feedback but it got a sequel. So why couldn't Feige just bring Andrew Garfield's Spidey to the MCU? Now I know some of you are going to be yelling at me with a few things with how the universes couldn't work:

  • 1. Where were the Avengers when Lizard or Electro attacked New York City?
  • 2. In the Amazing Spider-Man we could not see Stark Tower.
  • 3. In the Avengers, we could not see OsCorp tower.
  • 4. Where was SHIELD?

And true these are holes but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already filled with those kind of holes:

  • 1. The President of the United States gets captured and is threatened by a terrorist and Captain America nor SHIELD make any sort of appearance.
  • 2. Not once during Daredevil did I see Stark Tower in New York City.
  • 3. Where was Iron Man or Hulk or SHIELD when Malekith attacked in England?

These huge flaws were there and I saw no one point them out. Yet with Spider-Man it just wouldn't make sense? Riiiight. Look I'm not bashing on Holland, I think he can and will do great with the character. It's Kevin Feige's route with the reboot I'm bashing on because he clearly has no idea what to do with Spidey but since fans have been begging for Spidey to join, he just jammed his universe with this reboot which was NOT in his lineup so how much is this reboot going to change the universe?

Do I want this reboot to fail? No absolutely not. If director Jon Watts can pull of Spidey in this new universe with Tom Holland as the lead then I will give credit where credit is due but as of right now, Spider-Man in the MCU is just meh to me.


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