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ORAKLE. The Journey of Orakle to me began as an Idea.. To me Orakle the idea was something that would make you realise your true potential..something that'd make you realise your self worth.. An Abstract yes.. But something that existed..

The word Orakle literally means a response or a message from something mightier than us .. an energy.. or the universe or the cosmos for that instance , Although this might sound as a bit supernaturalish kind of a statement But I don't intend it to be and neither does the film. What the film tries to do is to be very honest in that aspect.

Honest in terms of its portrayal, and the reason behind this.. firstly Of Course because it's Original and different in its own kind , Secondly being a No Budget film it was something we really found challenging and more importantly felt inspired to do it ,and that sincerity somehow shows up on screen.

Not many Viewers know that the Crucial decision to make this story into a film was actually taken quiet quickly over a group discussion on Hike.

Speaking about the Black and White aspect, Yes ORAKLE is a Black and White film . Shooting in black and white rather than color gives Orakle a stylized, neonoir feel—and there were other benefits, too. In black and white, it was much more possible for us to hide some of our budgetary constraints. When you have absolutely no money and absolutely no resources, trying to achieve color cinematography is extremely difficult. But With black and white, it’s much more possible to get some kind of level of style to the thing by quickly throwing in some lights and shadows and going with that.

So Orakle in short was an opportunity for us to express ourselves by creating a small world with a different feel.. A small world of its own by using images and that truly inspired us to do the film . Creating a world of the character, a world that exists beyond the exact image that the audience sees.


Starting Point; 10th second. Do watch ORAKLE in 360p on YouTube.



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