ByAna Rosa Castro, writer at

I play Pathfinder it's what I do every Sunday and it's been an interesting journey if you've never played Pathfinder it's a table top RPG where you play as any class of adventurer I happen to be an elf sorcerer she's such a badass!! I have really just started and what amazes me is how creative you have to be in order to play. you need a good backstory and your character and you have to learn how to react quickly because sometimes your DM is a giant dick and make you walk into a town full of zombies. Your dice game also has to be on point because a series of bad rolls will kill you.

Why go through the pain and agony? I think it's because we gamer's are masochists I mean think about it. Why do we play games like Dark Souls or Mass Effect it's because secretly we enjoy the pain, and we also enjoy the satisfaction we finally receive when we beat them. In pathfinder the satisfaction comes when your party destroys the town full of zombies. Being successful in Pathfinder is a lot harder than any video game, because you have to rely on your party members and hope that they make good decisions if not your stuck fighting whatever horrible demon your DM had planned. Of course you could always just attack the darkness


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