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If you haven't yet seen Jurassic World, apparently you are a rare individual who for whatever reason doesn't follow the mainstream. Maybe you're a hipster. Maybe you think you're too cool for a fun action-packed thrill ride. Maybe you literally hate dinosaurs... which I kind of think is actually a semi-legitimate reason to skip.

But yeah, the point is, a lot of people saw this movie, making it the fastest film to ever reach $1 billion in worldwide revenue. Check out the statement Universal Pictures released on the matter:

"We are pleased to announce that Jurassic World will cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office today after 13 days—faster than any film in history"

13 days! Nuts. And Universal is really on a roll right now. If you recall Paul Walker's final ride, Furious 7, previously had held that record of reaching $1 billion worldwide in 17 days... Chris Pratt and the dinosaurs trounced that by 4 days. Incredible.

The domestic total is at $402.8 million, so as you can tell from doing some handy-dandy arithmetic, that means around $600 million of the revenue came internationally. That's huge! It seems there's a trend in Hollywood right now to capture the audience of "everybody." In other words, appealing to a global crowd is the way to make huge money, and you can pretty much guarantee every studio is trying to figure out how to tap into that international market.

I guess the biggest takeaway and lesson from this news is that dinosaurs are considered to be badass in pretty much every single part of the world. And Universal Pictures is capitalizing on that for damn sure!

(Via: abcnews)


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