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My name is Dame Davey Jay (It's a name and it stuck) I'm an over excited man child who follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe intently. I rev
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This is my first article with Movie Pilot and I can only hope that it won't be my last. I've been reading the site and it's many many articles from it's incredibly talented writers for a long time now and it hadn't ever occurred to me that maybe I could be doing that too, well at least not till now and that is where this first article comes in.

My name is Dame Davey, a name that has stuck through playing in a punk band for most of my life. I'm almost thirty and have been writing my own reviews on my personal blog for a long long time, reviewing whatever movie I felt that I could in my own unique and swear filled way (which I may have to tone down for the sake of MoviePilot) and sometimes just sharing my thoughts on other things like "Why Karl Urban is the sh*t" and covering some downright awful game to movie crossovers (that was a tough month) Having said all that I'm not exactly sure if my articles will follow a theme or if I will be mostly be covering the same subjects with every article because when the need to write strikes me I will just write but instead of me waffling on I guess I'd best educate you on what to expect from me.

First off the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has had the biggest impact on my life over any other movies (except Fight Club but obviously we're not supposed to talk about that) I love to read every little rumour, spoiler, review and titbit that I can get my grubbly little mits on and MoviePilot has no shortage of people covering the MCU so I will only write what I feel is a truly necessary article and yes that will be reviews of any of the movies I get the chance to see earlier than most. If I somehow magically catch a casting rumour before anyone else then I'll jump on that as quick as I can and hopefully deliver news quicker than most. I do enjoy my comedy movies also, so if I get a chance I will slam out some reviews for some of the funniest movies of the year and maybe even doing what I can to get you, the lovely reader involved with a survey or two as it's always something I take part in myself on this site.

As for now I'll give my usual sign off and hope to see you very soon.

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