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We have a tendency to idolize the incredibly wealthy and daydream about the lifestyles of the famous. For me it's a bit of envy but it's also straight-up curiosity. At what point does money become no object? A million dollars? A 100 million dollars? A billion dollars? Most of us may never find out but it's still fun to wonder.

Think of some of the craziest things you would buy if you could afford just about anything. Now see if you and any of these celebrities have similar tastes in opulence!

Here are 14 celebs who's purchases may baffle you!

1. Daniel Radcliffe dreams in sweet style

Purchase: $17,000 custom-made Savoir mattress.

2. Mike Tyson's fury friends

Purchase: $150,000 for three Royal Bengal tigers costing $4,000 a month. Two girls, Kenya and Storm, and a male named Boris.

3. Celine Dion beats the Florida heat with her very own water park!

Purchase: $20 million Florida lot now worth $72.5 million, equipped with a backyard water park!

Dion's Backyard Water Park
Dion's Backyard Water Park

4. Nicolas Cage out bid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull!

Purchase: $276,000 for a 67-million-year-old skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio bought an island!

Purchase: $1.75 million for the private island Blackadore Caye off the coast of Belize in 2005. The island is 104 acres and he has plans to develop an environmentally friendly resort "restorative island" which will be open for guests in 2018. Read up on more about the island here.

6. Amanda Seyfried: Taxidermy Mini Horse

Purchase: Three week old taxidermy mini horse named Antoine. Seyfried has said she thinks taxidermy is an art and has multiple animals in her collection.

7. Kim Basinger bought a U.S. town!

Purchase: $20 million (with other investors) for 1,751 acres of the 2,000-acre town of Braselton, GA in 1989. Her plans were to develop the farmland into a tourist attraction and possible site for film studios. She sold the town 5 years later for $1 million, obviously taking a huge loss.

8. Lady Gaga is followed by little monsters but turns out she's frightened by ghosts!

Purchase: $50,000 EMF-meter to keep spirits at bay.

9. Jack White prefers when there IS an elephant in the room

Purchase: $12,000 ($6k in cash + $6K in other collectables as a trade) for a taxidermy elephant head. The elephant head was real while the ears and tusks were made of fiberglass.

10. Brad Pitt the art collector

Purchase: $960,000 Neo Rauch’s rainbow-colored racetrack painting “Etappe" (1998).

ETAPPE  by Neo Rauch - 1998
ETAPPE by Neo Rauch - 1998

11. Beyoncé's gold plated pants

Purchase: $100,000 for a pair of Balenciaga golden leggings in 2007 for the BET Awards.

12. Ashton Kutcher looks to space

Purchase: $200,000 down payment to be the 500th passenger on Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo back in 2012.

13. Paris Hilton bought her dogs a house that cost as much as a human's!

Purchase: A 300 sq. ft. $320,000 dog house for her beloved pups in 2009.

14. Michael Jackson owned Neverland and tried to purchase human bones...seriously

Purchase: An estimated $16.5 to $30 million in 1988 for 3,000 acre ranch in Santa Barbara County, CA. It was Jackson's residence and private amusement park from 1988-2005.

Shortly before making the Neverland Ranch purchase, Jackson attempted to buy the Elephant Man's bones for $1 million dollars from the Royal London Hospital in 1987. The hospital declined to sell out of respect for Joseph Merrick.



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