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Donald Glover, actor, comedian, writer, musician, and all-around badass is - in my opinion - a modern day renaissance man. I'm pretty sure the man can do anything.

For that reason, and many more, Glover has landed a coveted spot on our 'Stars to Watch' list and an endorsement from Ridley Scott, in our first ever digital magazine. Moviepilot Magazine features guest contributions from the likes of Arnold Schwarzegenegger and Damon Lindelof, telling us which young actors and actresses we should watch out for.

So, to prove how versatile Donald Glover really is, and why he's deserving of a slot on our top 10 list, here are 23 Glover GIFs perfect for basically any occasion:

1. When someone mentions going on a juice cleanse

2. When you waved at someone who you thought was your friend, but it wasn’t and you can’t forget about it

3. When you watched the end of Toy Story 3 for the first time

4. When you try to get up and go to the bathroom but your legs are asleep

5. When you think of a witty comeback but it comes out wrong

6. When you try to avoid answering questions about why you’re still single by directing the conversation to how beautiful the ceiling is

7. When your mom says you can get the sugary cereal you wanted from the grocery store

8. When you decided to pay for renter’s insurance instead of buying a new gaming console

9. When you’re under 17 but try to sneak into a Rated-R movie

10. When you talk about Star Wars: The Phantom Menace compared to the originals

11. When you try to flirt

12. When you suddenly remember something embarrassing you did years ago

13. When you watch the most impressive puppeteering act you’ve ever seen

14. When someone flat tires you

15. When you order a Coke but they only have Pepsi and they ask you if that’s okay

16. What you think of your coworkers before you drink your first cup of coffee

17. When someone tells you they prefer the Harry Potter movies to the books

18. When you wore your pajamas out because you were only going to the store to pick up something really quickly but then you run into like 15 people you know

19. When you can’t remember the name of the guy who directed The Sixth Sense but it's on the tip of your tongue

20. When you have some food stuck on your face and you try to lick it off discreetly

21. When you invite a friend over for dinner but they tell you they're a gluten-free vegan

22. When you have to stop your friend who read the books from saying Game of Thrones spoilers

23. When your friend is really poor but both of their parents are still alive

Any place, any time, Donald Glover is always the answer.

If these GIFs didn't show enough of his range for your taste, he has two awesome looking movies set to release this year. Between Magic Mike XXL (June 1) and Ridley Scott's The Martian (October 2), we'll thankfully be seeing a lot more of the incredible Donald Glover.

Check out more about Glover and the other 9 stars you should be watching on our Top 10 Stars to Watch list.


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