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Michael B. Jordan is easily one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood right now. So hot, in fact, that we've included him in our "Stars to Watch, the first edition of the Moviepilot Magazine, featuring guest contributions from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof.

Coming up on his slate, he is gearing up to play Adonis Johnson, the son of Apollo Creed (the boxing rival of Rocky Balboa from the films, played by Carl Weathers) in Creed.

He'll be mentored by Balboa while embarking on a prolific career of his own. Surely, with a few bumps in the way. He's proved throughout his short, yet successful career that this fairly iconic role is one he can easily tackle and really turn into his own.

Here are 9 reasons why Michael B. Jordan is the man for the job. The job of being an adequate son to Weathers' character and throwing jabs and uppercuts aplenty at his competitors in the boxing ring.

1. He already played an elite athlete in Friday Night Lights

Jordan's character, Vince, was the perfect combination of a knuckle-headed high schooler and a moral-compass-having young man all at once. He had a lot of nuance to his acting in this role, and of course he balled out. Gotta think the transformation from the gridiron to the boxing ring should be relatively seamless.

2. He's pretty much got the same name as arguably the best athlete of all time

Okay, so I'm sure Michael B. gets fairly annoyed by these comparisons, but I couldn't leave this off the list as a reason why he can play Apollo Creed's son. He is MJ... kind of? Obviously he included the middle initial in his acting name and persona to differentiate himself, but it's hard to hide from those comparisons to the GOAT a.k.a. Greatest Of All Time. Everybody wants to be... 'Like Mike.'

3. He proved he can get deep in Fruitvale Station

I'm not ashamed to say that he made me cry with his performance as Oscar Grant in this awesome Sundance hit. He had the Bay Area, California slang down pat, he played a good guy who had to adapt to his rough environment accordingly, and he showed his range. Definitely tugged on the heartstrings with this one.

4. He has serious action in his repertoire as well with Chronicle

I think this actually proves his versatility even more so than some of the rest. He was brilliant in this, and he wasn't at all playing stereotypically "black." I think what makes Jordan such a great actor is that he can handle being cast with race in mind, but he can also be close friends with a couple white guys who get caught up in some craziness.

5. The Fantastic Four casting was controversial, but it will put him in the limelight leading up to Creed

Did I say action? Oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention The Fantastic Four. No matter how you feel about him being cast as Johnny Storm, you have to admit that it's probably pretty much guaranteed that a huge blockbuster hit should lead nicely into Jordan as Adonis in Creed.

6. He's handsome

Simply put, the guy is handsome.

7. He's built like a boxer

He worked his ass of to get into excellent shape for the role. This is an official picture from the set. He's clearly got the size to play Apollo Creed's son believably. He also looks enough like Weathers to pull it off.

8. He even has legit rom-com experience in That Awkward Moment

You don't have to take this dude overly serious. He's a brilliant actor, but he's got a sense of humor and the ability to play goofy... and I'm sure he'll have a few admirers from the audience for his cutesy style of acting that he often uses.

9. It sounds like he's ready for it, plus Sylvester Stallone OK'd it

If Sly Stallone says he's okay, he's okay. Also, it sounds like he's very into it. It sounds like he's gone fairly method and worked hard at getting this role right.

All I know is I'm pretty down to see Michael B. Jordan deliver a KNOCKOUT in Creed.

Pun. Fully. Intended.

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