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Game of Thrones contains extremely important dialogue that predicts the future events to come. As fans watch the show for the first time, there is almost no chance they will notice these hidden lines. The writers do a fantastic job cleverly sneaking them in. These lines give you clues on what events will be taking place further into the story. I personally have re-watched seasons 1-4 three times to grab all these predictions, foreshadows, and dialogues in the episodes. I became keen on catching which moments are the most important.

Jon Snow's Death was NOT "Out of Nowhere" -International Business Times.

*Spoiler Alert*

The video below explains exactly what these hidden lines are, how you can catch them, and how Jon Snow's death was said to happen during episode 6 of season 2.

**The lines are completely given to you a few minutes into the video below!**

As soon as I listened to the dialogue scene between Jon and Qhorin Halfhand in Season 2 Episode 6, I knew for a fact about Jon Snow's death. There are also other clues that were not brought up in the video above.

George R.R. Martin states in the interview below, the clues he left for fans to pick up on.

I personally have many lines written down that are important enough to give me a great sense of where the show is going. I will be revealing more to you on my next video.

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