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There is a question that has been asked for a millennia. Who wins a fight between the characters of DC and the characters of Marvel. Okay, not a millennia, but it's been asked for decades. Marvel people will say there is no way Hulk loses to Superman and DC people will scoff and say no one can beat the man of steel. The truth of the matter is both sides are right. It all depends on who is writing the story. So what we have here are some fights that people would love to see and how each side could win the match.

First, let's take two of the most obsessive villains in comic books and put them against each other. Both of these men are owners of their multi-million or billion dollar companies and both constantly ruin their lives chasing their white whale for no logical reason (logical to them anyway). Both men are geniuses. Also, in some realities they are presidents of The United States and have ruined the country in the process. Both are masters at manipulating situations to make them look like they were ones being wronged. All while making Superman or Spider-Man look like crooks and or killers.

It's easy to see how the two are very similar and there are more reasons than the ones I have mentioned. Lex Luthor is competent leader that villains tend to follow because they know he won't suddenly lose his mind and throw them off a bridge for speaking out of turn. While Norman may be a capable leader, he is not stable on any level. It's true he held it together longer than expected during his stint as leader of H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Avengers, his mental instability cost him that same job. Lex Luthor is usually a normal human physically (except for the times I'm sure he's altered his DNA), while Norman Osborn has enhanced strength, healing, durability, and more. Lex Luthor uses a war suit in battle at times to battle Superman to match his strength and various other abilities. Norman may prefer to dress up as the Green Goblin and throw pumpkin bombs, but he has used one of Tony Stark's Iron Man armors and fought as The Iron Patriot for a time. While the armor was new to him, Norman is a genius and got the hang of using it quickly.

How does Lex Luthor Win:

"Metropolis and her people are mine -- and they'll live or die as I see fit!"-Lex Luthor

Luthor can't beat Norman Osborn hand to hand. Osborn is stronger, faster, and more durable than Lex is. Norman is also a better fighter than Luthor. But, if Luthor had his super suit, Lex could defeat The Green Goblin with ease. Even if Norman donned the Iron Patriot armor, Luthor has the advantage of having used his armor longer. I'm not sure if Tony Stark's armor is tougher than Lex's war suit, but it is built to take on Superman and while Norman is strong, he's no Superman.

How does Norman Osborn Win:

Embrace the crazy crazy, Norman
Embrace the crazy crazy, Norman
"We never know what chain of events we've set in motion as we perform our daily tasks. Wings of a butterfly and all of that. We suit up, show up, screw up. The results of those screwups don't surface for months...maybe years. Breathe in some asbestos on a job site. Twenty years later -- lung cancer. Send a man to jail. A few years later he becomes ruler of the Earth...he uses your best friend to kill you."-Norman Osborn

If Norman can play on Luthor's arrogance and make Luthor fight him hand to hand, Norman would beat Luthor down without any problem. Norman goes toe to toe with Spider-Man without any armor and Luthor is just a regular man. For all of Norman's crazy, he has manipulated some power people by using their insecurities and even the other person's confidence against them. Luthor could easily fall victim to this and be talked into a hand to hand fight with Norman to "Prove he's the better man". If this happens, Luthor will be found being dropped off a bridge while the Goblin laughs and flies away. Also, even though Lex has the superior tech with his war suit, The Green Goblin is crazy enough to try something insane and win. Especially since Lex Luthor doesn't cover his face. Prime spot for a well placed pumpkin bomb.

Green Arrow v.s. Bullseye:

The easy comparison is to put Hawkeye against Green Arrow and in a way, it's still happening. For those of you who didn't know, Bullseye was an Avenger and he was dressed as Hawkeye. Yes, someone made Bullseye the crazy assassin an Avenger. Bullseye is the greatest marksman in the Marvel universe with the ability to turn anything into a weapon. That is not an exaggeration. He's killed a fly with spit and tortured people with toothpicks by throwing them at them from across a table. But Green Arrow is no slouch. Green Arrow may not be as good as Bullseye (Bullseye is a ten out of ten and Arrow is a 9.99995 out of ten), but he is a much better hand to hand fighter. While Bullseye spends most of his time hitting people from a distance, Arrow can hit people from a distance AND get up close and personal. Arrow is better than what he portrays on the television show and he is awesome on that. Unlike Luthor and Norman, there isn't much that Bullseye and Green Arrow have in common. One is a hero and the other is a bad guy even when he is portraying a hero. Arrow fights for what he believes is right and Bullseye kills for money and will only take certain jobs that he deems worthy of his skill and time. I guess the only similarity is their confidence in their own abilities.

How does Green Arrow Win:

"Anyone doesn't wanna be a human pin-cushion better make like a statue!"-Green Arrow

If Arrow gets Bullseye to abandon his strength of fighting him from far away (which should be easy considering Bullseye's arrogance), Arrow beats him no problem. Bullseye is a good fighter, but he has issues fighting people who won't hold back. All the times Daredevil and Bullseye have fought, Daredevil never really let loose on Bullseye, so the fights were even. The one time Daredevil didn't hold back, Daredevil killed Bullseye. It is really that simple. Arrow gets Bullseye into a fist fight and Arrow wins handily.

How does Bullseye Win:

Bullseye is a bit of an a-hole
Bullseye is a bit of an a-hole
"You know, it's too bad I killed my mother in high school...she would have loved this. Joking. She wouldn't 'a cared."-Bullseye

The only chance Bulleye has of beating Arrow is keeping him at a distance and using his agility and speed to stay out of arms reach. Arrow will eventually run out of arrows, but Bullseye will never run out of weapons. Bullseye can use everything and can take Arrow down piece by piece and will eventually get the kill shot. The only problem with this strategy is Bullseye is so arrogant that is Arrow plays possum, he could lure Bullseye into a trap. If Bullseye doesn't underestimate Arrow, he could possibly win this fight.

Thanks for reading. As always, if you agree or disagree let me know in the comments.


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