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So. After more than three months of mad speculation and desperate anticipation from fans all around, Marvel and Sony have officially announced their choice for the role of Peter Parker. Actor Tom Holland is a relative unknown, having only one major film credit in The Impossible and a history of stage and Broadway work. Personally, while making peace with my wish for Miles Morales in the MCU, I have been rooting for both Tom and his rival, Asa Butterfield, for the entirety of the race.

Here, I will recap the information known about the MCU-tied Spidey reboot at this time:

1. The new film series will NOT feature the character's origin story. There will be a brief flashback of some kind to address how Peter came to be a superhero, but this will hardly take up any of the film's running time.

2. Director Jon Watts has been announced to helm at least the first entry in the new series. Watts is a relative unknown as well, having only directed 3 feature films: Eugene!, Clown, and Cop Car, the latter of which stars Kevin Bacon and is being shown at Sundance currently.

3. Marvel aims to give the new film a John Hughes-esque sense of humor. John Hughes directed such films as Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Home Alone.

4. Holland's Spidey is set to cameo in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War in some fashion.

5. Robert Downey Jr. will appear as Tony Stark/Iron Man in at least the first Spider-Man entry. Many have speculated that Stark will interact with Peter in a test of his worthiness for a spot on the Avengers roster, perhaps even battling him superhero-e-superhero.

6. Marvel and Sony wish to make the joint Spider-Man series a quadrilogy, with each film centering on a year of high school. My personal guess is that the first would have to take place at least a few months into the school year, as Peter has to establish himself as the wall-crawler before the film can begin.

7. The character will jump (or should I say swing) in between MCU films and the Sony-produced Spider-Man films, also appearing in Infinity War and perhaps more MCU films afterwards.

There is also a rumor that Sony and Marvel want Matthew McConaughey for the key role of Norman Osborn, but many things are to be figured out and announced in time. For now, we as fans can look forward to Holland's super premiere in Civil War.


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