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The Game of Thrones season 5 finale aired not to long ago, and the common reaction was "What the heck? Are you serious? I'm never going to watch Game of Thrones again!" That reaction was due to the fact that a character dies in the show. While I won't spoil it by saying who, this same theme can be found in many other television shows. At some point, I started to question why we don't rage like this to every season finale.

Take some of these recent finales as an example. One of the most recent mind-blowing finales was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The episode was explosive, with the major conflict between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans finally coming to a close. Everything seemed to be ending perfectly, until the last five minutes. That's right, those last five minutes.


The most highly anticipated romantic pairing of the show seemed eminent. Simmons and Fitz were finally over their Jim and Pam-esque back-and-forth fiasco, and you could tell that they were finally about to take that next big step.

However, that happy ending was ripped from our grasp when Simmons was engulfed in the giant Kree stone as it liquidized and attacked. While I severely doubt that the character is dead, the event still shocked us all and left us in despair over the Fitz-Simmons (Fimmons? Sitz?) pairing.

We experienced yet another emotional roller-coaster ride with the season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory. Nearly every relationship on the show was pushed to the limit while Raj questioned Emily's creepy habits, Howard and Bernadette decided to evict poor Stewart from their house, and Leonard revealed a straining secret to Penny on their way to get married. None of those developments can even hold a candle to the other pair that had their twists and turns.

Sheldon is the new 'lord of the rings'.
Sheldon is the new 'lord of the rings'.

After feeling like Sheldon wasn't taking their relationship seriously, Amy declared that she wanted to spend some time apart to rethink things, effectively terminating the relationship. If that wasn't devastating enough to us as viewers, we were really thrown for a loop when he took out a ring and we realize that he was planning to propose. While there were no 'fatalities' so to speak with The Big Bang Theory's finale, even the bravest warriors had to shed a tear for Sheldon's misfortune.

Without mentioning the Castle, The Walking Dead, or The Flash, I think I've made my point pretty clear. The majority of the great shows often leave us with tears in our eyes and crumpled tissues strewn about the coffee table. This can't just be a coincidence.

In all honesty, those Game of Thrones fans who swore off the show after the catastrophic events in the finale probably won't stay away from the show for long. It's simple really. All of those deaths, the disappearances, and the downward spirals have taken our emotions and dashed them against the rocks.

My reaction to season 5 of Game of Thrones.
My reaction to season 5 of Game of Thrones.

The fact that these shows have the ability to do show is simply captivating. When a television show is able to make us feel such highs and lows, we aren't repulsed. We are attracted even more.

After the heart-breaking events of The Big Bang Theory's finale, true fans are going to return to the show to see what transpires between Sheldon and Amy. Will Sheldon propose? Will Amy leave him for good? What about Leonard and Penny? Will they still get married? All of these questions demand answers, and we won't get those answers until we tune in for the next season.

The same is true for every show. Will this person survive? How will the show go on without this person? What will happen next with these people? True fans strive to learn these answers, and that's how television theories are born. If you're not a true fan of the show, then you're probably not that devastated by the finales anyway.

True fans will never stop watching.


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